Vietnamese ripping on Paris Hilton sex video

Vietnamese ripping on Paris Hilton sex videoIn Vietnam, the scandal around the popular actress, whose homemade sex video hit the Internet. 19-year-old Hoang Thuy Linh (Hoang Thuy Linh) now has the glory of the Asian Paris Hilton, writes the Associated Press.However, if the American socialite has even managed to earn erupted a few years ago the sex scandal, Vietnamese 16-minute video recorded on a mobile phone camera, only brings trouble. After appearing in network video, where the Hoang Thuy Linh has sex with her ex-boyfriend, 20-year-old vu Hoang Viet (Vu Hoang Viet), it was expelled from successful youth series, in which she played a major role. The screening of the film, the main theme of which - teenage problems, moral and life commitments, moral distinctions while suspended. Vietnamese channel went for it after a series of calls of angry parents whose children admire beautiful, intelligent and virtuous heroine of the series and can be followed by negative example. The fact that in Communist Vietnam, a very conservative attitude to the woman and family values, and sex before marriage is considered unacceptable and shameful. Читать полностью -->

Abdulov they tried to hide their disease from mother

Abdulov they tried to hide their disease from motherSince the death of the great actor Alexander Abdulov in press publishes a previously unpublished interview of Alexander Gavrilovich, interviews with his friends and family.One of these conversations with the mother of the actor Lyudmila Alexandrovna happened even before the news of the death of Alexander Abdulov.The woman openly talked about the past, his son and about his present. However, very much a famous actor mother tried to hide."From me to hide their illness," said Lyudmila Aleksandrovna. - I always the last to know - not trying to upset you. He calls, and I'm in tears, I heard on the radio that he was hit by a car, was taken to the Sklifosovsky. And he says, well, so what: brought, looked, nothing's broken, everything is fine, and do not listen. As the mother of all experiences! I told him that he had a little rest, at least for a couple of days went fishing, it would be better. Читать полностью -->

Drunk Zemfira almost puked from vocals Malikova

Drunk Zemfira almost puked from vocals MalikovaLoud the birthday of a famous businessman and patron of Shabtai Kalmanovich was spoiled by his favorite singer Zemfira. "The girl-scandal" did not hesitate to someone else's celebration to show itself in all its glory.During his speech Dmitry Malikov Alivar strongly demonstrated his distaste for the singer and gestures showed how nauseous.To congratulate the H. Shabtai 60th birthday came many artists, politicians and public figures. The birthday boy made sure that every guest could relax and unwind. Tables Laden with gourmet treats and the most expensive drinks. Took advantage of Zemfira, who came into the restaurant with a close friend Renata Litvinova. Читать полностью -->

Kylie Minogue will visit Russia

Kylie Minogue will visit RussiaSinger Kylie Minogue, having survived the sickness of love and disappointment, announced his world tour in support of their latest album "X". For the first time Kylie has decided to have a closer look, and Russia.Tenth album Kylie was released in November 2007 and became platinum in Australia and takes the 4th place in the sales charts in the UK. The tour kicks off on may 6 in Paris and finishes in London in the arena "O2" on August 1. Minogue will perform on June 16 in Moscow and 18 June in St. Petersburg.Especially for this tour by Australian pop diva together with a team of professionals has created a new concept of the show "KYLIEX2008". Herself Kylie describes this idea as "fresh, exciting and innovative"."I'm going to make a show that will become a new exciting and unique experience for my fans and for myself. Читать полностью -->

Sophia Loren in her youth was devoid of complex

Sophia Loren in her youth was devoid of complex Is Sophia Loren (Sophia Loren) - the legend of Italian cinema, in his youth also took part in an erotic film. Although Pirelli calendar actress too refused to be naked! I guess the years are not the same.Source: Sophia Loren in her youth was devoid of complex (photo). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Apina splurged on white `Mercedes`

Apina splurged on white `Mercedes`The other day a well-known producer, husband of Katya LEL Alexander Aratov forked over fifty dollars. To celebrate the triumph decided in the noisy company in the heart of Moscow."I'm not ready to celebrate his birthday in a quiet family circle," said the celebrant. - I love to drink, and my wife and I prefer to have fun in the company of friends".However, in recognition of the birthday boy, he first ventured into the festivities with mnogofotonnoi crowd of friends, writes Moskovsky Komsomolets.- Absolutely horrible to mention going, " laughs Aratov. - You know, in 50 years you want to drink not only with people but also with those who you really are near and dear. Such plucked me as much as 250 people. We chose the restaurant in the center of Moscow. Читать полностью -->

Tsereteli promised Chile sculpture above Peter

Tsereteli promised Chile sculpture above PeterAt the ceremony of awarding the Russians state awards Chile, held on October 26, sculptor Zurab Tsereteli has promised to make the sculpture in this Latin American country, which is higher than the monument to Peter the great in Moscow.About it reports "Interfax".This statement Tsereteli did after he was awarded the order of the Liberator O'higgins degree Knight. At the ceremony the Ambassador of Chile in Moscow Augusto Parra noted that in the works of Tsereteli has a "profound humanism" and expressed hope that his sculpture will ever appear in Chile. "I took the hint Ambassador" - said Zurab Tsereteli.Monument to Peter the great was built in 1996-1997 and is located at the confluence of the Moscow river. Its total height is 94 meters.Together with Zurab Tsereteli state award Chile received Vladimir Chkhikvadze, the head of the security Department of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia. He received the order of merit Seeley degree "Grand cross". Source: Tsereteli promised Chile sculpture above Peter. Читать полностью -->

Shirvindt couldn't refuse `Twist of fate`

Shirvindt couldn't refuse `Twist of fate`Alexander Shirvindt has become one of those artists who played in the famous "Twist of fate" and then agreed to participate in a new film on the same subject.In a recent interview the actor said that he initially refused to star in the sequel of the "Irony of fate".Refused and almost all the other actors, which eventually appeared in the new film by Timur Bekmambetov "Irony of fate. The sequel". However, the filmmakers still managed to find a way to almost all. And only Leah Akhedzhakova was left out of the story and her character in the story emigrated to Israel."You talking about the film to lie or to tell the truth?" "asked Alexander Shirvindt during an interview to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta"."She's not ugly, - continued the story actor. - When I got a call from Konstantin Lvovich Ernst, with whom I pot know about the continuation of the movie, I turned to the Eldar Aleksandrovich Ryazanov is really my closest friend. Eldar said, I have nothing to do with this do not have. Читать полностью -->

New clip Spice Girls `Headlines` appeared online

New clip Spice Girls `Headlines` appeared online The other day on all radio stations in Britain has heard the new song of the group Spice Girls, which excited the audience uproar, and recently, the network appeared the first images of the new video for the song Headlines: Friendship Never Ends.Victoria Beckham (Victoria Beckham), Jerry Halliwell (Jerri Halliwell), Emma bunton (Emma Bunton), as well as Melanie C and b (Mel C & Mel B) this summer decided to unite and go on a concert tour. Many believe the return of perchonok" nothing more than a ploy to make money.Source: New clip Spice Girls "Headlines" has been posted online (video). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Rotaru insulted Kirkorov deeply

Rotaru insulted Kirkorov deeplyThe cause of the quarrel between the two artists, who always treated each other with mutual respect, was the gift of Philip on the 60th anniversary of Sofia Mikhailovna.The celebrant stands that presented them expensive jewelry is not new, but it someone wore before her. Philip, in the sincerity of feelings which Rotaru no doubt, have been hurt deeply.Delighted at the invitation to the celebration on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of one of the most beloved singers Filipp Kirkorov few days I have spent searching for a suitable present for her. Realizing that she has become the owner of exclusive presentations, Kirkorov during one of his overseas trips purchased for her antique necklace. After ascertaining that it exists in a single instance, satisfied the singer laid out for him a round sum.ResentmentAt the anniversary party in Crimea, the singer handed the birthday girl decoration. Then he tactfully left from the answer to the question about the gift.- I'm not going to tell you that I gave Sofia Mikhailovna, smiling, explained the singer at the entrance to Livadia Palace. "As you'll see when she wears it.Then the king of the pop scene didn't know that he hurried to the event, because Rotaru is in no hurry to put on a necklace Kirkorov. Читать полностью -->

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