Love games Dubtsova

Love games DubtsovaFashion show for St. Petersburg fashion designer Alina German Irina Dubtsova, speaking with your spouse as the models did on the runway now erotic show.Undeterred prying eyes, the couple are first merged in a passionate kiss, and then staged on the stage of love of the game.Irina and Roma took the podium to thunderous applause of the public in fashionable black suits, gently holding hands. Touched by the warm reception, the singer first began to throw kisses at the audience, and then turned to her lover and kissed him passionately. Roma supported the game favorite and became erotic to stroke her. The hall roared with excitement, the newspaper "Your day"."Now, now, dear," interrupted the passionate kisses Irina Roma.- Continue behind the scenes by the audience and she drew her husband. Source: Love games Dubtsova. Читать полностью -->

Elizabeth II appeared grandson eighth

Elizabeth II appeared grandson eighthBritain's Queen Elizabeth II becomes the eighth time grandmother. As ITAR-TASS, Countess of Wessex Sophie, the wife of the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth Edward P, gave birth to a son.This was reported by representatives of the Buckingham Palace.Born boy took eighth place in the chain of succession to the British throne. According to a statement Buckingham Palace, Sophie and Edward "just happy" addition to the family, and the joy with them fully share Elizabeth II and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh, who are very happy about the news.The eighth heir to the British throne was safely born on Monday at 16:20 local time in the hospital Frimley Park in Surrey. 42-year-old mother, who reportedly had a cesarean section, is feeling well and will stay in the hospital for several more days. Edward and Sophie already has a daughter, lady Louise Windsor, born in 2003. Source: Elizabeth II appeared grandson eighth. Читать полностью -->

Doctors are trying to save Glucose from deafness

Doctors are trying to save Glucose from deafnessThe doctors do everything possible to save Natasha Ionova from threatening her deafnessThe disease of Glucose, it seemed, was already gone, but yesterday the singer had a high fever and started getting terrible pain in my ears.Unbearable suffering caused the young mother to return to the doctors.Weakened visibly tired and Natalia Ionova came to the appointment with the otolaryngologist, who urged her to immediately go to the hospital.DiagnosisAfter a thorough examination, the doctor made the unfavourable diagnosis - bilateral otitis media, exacerbation of the middle meatus of both ears.Medic again strongly recommended that the patient be hospitalized for at least one week, so that in calm conditions to get treatment, but Natasha refused.- I will do everything but lie down in the chamber will not, " said Glucose. - I have a small child! I really need him now, every minute.The doctor had no choice but to agree with Natalia and again to prescribe home treatment.The doctor prescribed a number of medicinal treatments, drops, warming, antibiotics. And it is strictly forbidden to talk and sing!- I'm not singing, I swear, " promised the Glucose - but not be silent promise.The threatThe singer disease worsened, apparently, and from what Natasha does not like hats and windy weather again cold. Now Glucose is the activated form of otitis media.If she and this time would ignore the recommendations of the doctor, this disease constitutes a final hearing loss - doctors say. - Failure to comply with treatment, the probability of decay of the eardrum. Source: Doctors are trying to save Glucose from deafness. Читать полностью -->

Marina Khlebnikova afraid of shame

Marina Khlebnikova afraid of shameSinger Marina Klebnikov said that he considered a disgrace and why it took so long concealed his daughter.It turns out to hide a pregnancy Marina Khlebnikov forced Bari Alibasov. "I just didn't want to fall out of the cage". Me that baric taught: the actor must always remain unmarried, to be as attractive for the public, " says the newspaper "Arguments and facts" Marina. - I'm not lost at the time of the decree, continued to perform, and no one noticed. I'm tiny, so wore large costume and come out on stage until the 8th month. And on the 20th day after birth worked in concert. Читать полностью -->

`Happy together` leave home

`Happy together` leave homeThe stars of the TV series "Happy together" are so tied up on the set that even to relax together.Holiday actors Viktor Loginov and Alexander Yakin (Gena Bukin and his son Roma) chose Egypt, and soon both artists leave their homeland for overseas beauties.In the journey of Victor and Alexander will go, as soon as filming of the third season of the funniest comedies of 2007."We called with them all, but unfortunately, someone has a business in Moscow, someone tour, says Victor Loginov. - Resulting in Sunny Africa we will go together with Sasha. Egypt was chosen for a reason: because we have a very short break between filming, we wanted as much time to devote it to rest, avoiding long flights. I gladly would have gone to India, Vietnam or Thailand, but there too long to fly. Alas, for us now to spend two days off, only on flights - a luxury. So we decided to opt for Egypt, especially since I have never been there. Читать полностью -->

Anna Kournikova believes children are a nightmare

Anna Kournikova believes children are a nightmareOver the weekend singer Enrique Iglesias performed in Moscow. To support a loved one came with him and Anna Kournikova. Many are waiting for the sweet couple will please the public the news about the heir.But, it turns out, for Ani children a nightmare.Recently Kournikova little brother was born, her mother gave birth to a son Alain, and after talking with him about his descendants Anna thinks."I have mixed feelings: today dream. And will hold with so restless a few hours - and I want to wait another ten years. I Alena had come - fingers in the socket. Just a nightmare and a hurricane. Читать полностью -->

Limousine dictator of Cambodia on eBay

Limousine dictator of Cambodia on eBayLimousine belonging to the Floor Sweat - dictator of Cambodia, the leader of the Khmer Rouge, put up for online auction site eBay with an initial cost of 35 thousand pounds ($71,8 thousand).As stated in the description of the lot is "a classic limousine Mercedes Benz 1973 release... previously used by Pol pot, who led the Khmer Rouge during his dictatorial regime in Cambodia 1975-1979. Source: Limousine dictator of Cambodia on eBay. . . . Читать полностью -->

The paparazzi who observed the death of lady Di, recanted

The paparazzi who observed the death of lady Di, recantedThe photographer who first caught on the spot death of Princess of Wales Diana in a Paris tunnel, refused to give evidence at London's Royal court, where the hearings on the case of her death, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to BBC.Lord justice Scott Baker, the presiding judge in the Royal court, on Tuesday informed the jury that the photographer Romuald Rat has provided the court with a written waiver from testifying. According to Baker, the paparazzi wrote that he was not willing to testify via video link from Paris "today or any other day".According to the testimony of other witnesses, heard previously in London immediately after the crash that killed Diana, Rat, allegedly offered the Sun newspaper photos from the scene of the tragedy for 300 thousand pounds. Now, however, the jury cannot hear the testimony of the Rat.This decision paparazzi was preceded by the refusal of the Paris to win for hearings in the British capital of French photographers. Its decision, the French authorities have substantiated then the fact that French photographers already testified during the investigation into the death of the Princess in France, and they have nothing to add to this statement.In addition, a mandatory call witnesses to the hearing, contrary to the French legal concept of "public order".Princess of Wales Diana and her friend Dodi al-Fayed died in a car crash in Paris on the night of 31 August 1997. Launched in January 2004 hearing on establishment of circumstances of death were pending at the time of the investigation into the car crash in Paris, which killed the Princess, her friend and the driver Henri Paul.The hearings resumed on 2 October at the Royal court in London under the chairmanship of judge Scott Baker and is expected to last several months. The verdict will make the jury of the 11 jurors, selected by the court. Читать полностью -->

Stick with Marshall again a novel twist

Stick with Marshall again a novel twistTwo months ago, in celebration of their anniversary, Alexander Marshall swore that the novel the soloist "Shining" Nadia Handle is speculation of journalists, and if that happened, happened. Supposedly, son and wife is Holy, the family will not leave because of a cheap fling.Bright speech of the singer contrasted sharply with the paleness of his thin wife Natalya, of which he specially dyed brunette "under the Handle". NeverthelessAlexander is really more began to spend time at home and at social events appeared in the company of his wife.A few days ago Nadia Pen was seen as a special correspondent of the "GG" on Tverskaya street. In downcast brunette in dark glasses, covered in a black scarf was hard to find a pop star. The girl was walking very quickly, not noticing anything around. Looking at his watch, Pen looked to the Mall.There, exchanging a few hundred dollar bills, I rushed to the jewelry store and bought a long necklace of aventurine and fur. Читать полностью -->

Robski I left the guy because of the terrible character

Robski I left the guy because of the terrible characterWriter Oksana Robski says about his personal drama - the breakup with a former lover Igor Shalimov, openly."It is always sad when the stories end, - said the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" Oksana Robski. - We're through, - says Oksana. - Delicate this issue is, as people live together. And when we parted - not anymore. I can now talk about this calmly".Oksana told that their wedding Shalimov was postponed several times for various reasons, eventually the marriage will not take place. Robski admitted that Igor and they don't communicate for a month and probably never will be friends. Читать полностью -->

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