The secret spicy scenes of the new video Bilan

The secret spicy scenes of the new video Bilan The idea is the Fact the main character of the clip constantly touring around different countries, but at home it faithfully waiting for the second half. Fully trusting her, he doesn't doubt and do not know about her infidelity.On shootings of a new clip of Dima Bilan, who is always eager to demonstrate the shape of his body, this time surprised everyone by refusing to star in an erotic scene.Singer during her filming was replaced by his understudy...!The script's new video for the song "Gore-Zima" became a mirror reflection of the tragic episode in the personal life of the artist. The idea is the Fact the main character of the clip constantly touring around different countries, but at home it faithfully waiting for the second half. Fully trusting her, he doesn't doubt and do not know about her infidelity. However, at this time his girlfriend cheated on him with another.Coming once again from a business trip, the hero Bilan to lift his house meets the lover of his beloved. Suspecting nothing, the artist comes to his apartment, where he waits for the bride.- I completely invented scenario, when traveling in a car at the airport in Finland - confessed "Z" Dima. Читать полностью -->

Famous dad who abandoned their children

Famous dad who abandoned their children Many celebrities do not feel that affection, which sometimes demonstrate to screens. Neither children nor pregnant girlfriend not relieve them from the desire to seek happiness on the side, according to ABC News.Actor Tom Brady left his passion Brigitte Moynahan. The piquancy of the situation is that the couple broke up when the actress was in an interesting position. At least, when in February Moynahan announced her pregnancy, Brady already twisted new intrigue with the model Gisele Bundchen. In August, Moynahan gave birth to a boy, named John.To the disappointment of fans of actor Eddie Murphy in life was not as carefree and cheerful person as on the screen. As tirelessly repeated his ex-girlfriend Melanie brown, Murphy refused to consider himself the father of her child.The confessions disappointed "peppercorns" from the newly revived team Spice Girls, Murphy not only refused to undergo a test to determine paternity, but even didn't call her for weeks after birth. Читать полностью -->

Fans `whacked` Kirkorov on the head with a guitar

Fans `whacked` Kirkorov on the head with a guitarDifficult, I must say, the life of Philip Kirkorov: constantly for something to criticize. First, the story with the pink blouse, then gossip about the alleged failure of the musical "Chicago", slowly passed into the discussion of divorce with Diva.Intriguing and all the separation Kirkorov-producer Dima the Sorcerer, enchanting acted on "the Eurovision". Recently and did sue for the singer told the details of life with A. B. (the court he, however, on the day won, congratulations).The artist himself for gossip already accustomed to and not pay attention to them. And once he is in the midst of preparing for a solo anniversary concerts and the recording of the new album. Читать полностью -->

Lazy the past Baskov

Lazy the past BaskovOnce a person becomes famous, is immediately many people willing to talk about his "rosvestkom" past. Nikolay Baskov is no exception.It is the first love of the artist and gives a Frank interview in the press, but about the star told his former teachers and classmates.Nikolay Baskov was born in a military family, and his family often moved from one city to another. In first class nick went to Germany, then studied a year in the suburbs and, finally, four years stayed in school N 186 in Novosibirsk, writes the magazine "Ukraine".At that time nobody knew what a strong boy from where the key energy bill, would become famous. Even the name of Nicholas sounded then another Basque, with the accent on the second syllable.To show artistic talents, the future singer was still in high school. The boy attended the drama club, and he always got the only positive role: in "the Tale of Tsar Saltan", he played Saltan, the Tale of the dead Princess and the seven knights" - Prince Elisha."He immediately responded to any task," says a former classroom teacher Baskov Lyudmila Yakovleva, and everyone had an opinion. Kolya opened to everything new in his soul had so much love to the world! All the while humming something. Читать полностью -->

Children of famous Russians are not afraid of publicity

Children of famous Russians are not afraid of publicity Increasingly, Russian young talents in film, pop scene, and in business find their star status "in origin.The Russians periodically detect in its national heritage of not only new singers, actors and Directors with loud names, but also political and public figures "who" their power "by inheritance". That's just from the traditional clan restraint and isolation of a new generation of far.TV presenter, acrobat, socialite and heroine anecdotes gorgeous Xenia increasingly concerned about his friends an addiction to alcohol. Working on the get-togethers, like a Mare at the seed, omnipresent rich blonde literally becomes an inveterate drunkard in his eyes. Xenia at parties and presentations periodically nabiraetsa out.And in a recent issue of the reality show going on MuzTV, 25-year-old celebrity and all appeared stoned. "Epitou outta my mind" the girl literally made from the casino, where she conducted the party. To get rid of harmful defect Xenia yet. Читать полностью -->

`Fabricante` tired of the attention to her husbands

`Fabricante` tired of the attention to her husbandsThe graduate of "factory of stars-5" Zara at the time did not descend from pages of Newspapers in connection with his marriage, and then divorce. Because the spouse of the singer was the son of the Governor of St. Petersburg Sergey Matvienko, what drew the pair's attention.The experience was Zara's very painful. Now she tries to talk less about the feelings of the people. Although many people already know: the girl has a boyfriend. Darling Zara name is Sergey Ivanov, he heads the Department of health of Moscow, writes "KP-Sankt-Peterburg"."We joke: finally Zara found herself the man of her dreams"! - they say in the crew of the film "Caravan" in which the singer plays a key role. Читать полностью -->

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