Hugh Grant didn't know what having fun with prostitutes

Hugh Grant didn't know what having fun with prostitutesHugh Grant, without knowing it, a few hours spent in the company of prostitutes, reports the News of the World.The actor made among prostitutes and dancers of the Spanish club Habana quite a stir when it recently went there to relax. This place is well known as a local hot spot, where elite prostitutes looking for clients. However, Grant didn't know.First, the actor ordered a drink and watched the strippers. Then he walked over to 35-year-old Brazilian prostitute Alvine Sabino, who was sitting at the table."He was a little drunk and said he wanted to kiss me. I said I can't, because sitting next to my boyfriend. He sat me down on my knees. Читать полностью -->

Julia Roberts first showed his son

Julia Roberts first showed his son Hollywood actress Julia Roberts for the first time showed a picture of his five-month-old son during a talk show on Oprah Winfrey. The star of "Beauty" showed a picture born in June Henry under the cheers and applause of the audience, writes The Daily Mail.Before you take the photo, the actress said: "Around the birth of my son was a lot of noise, but there were no pictures of him. I think I'll show all".Roberts joked: "I Have to say that little Henry is the most wonderful child in the world - I think I can judge it objectively". The 40-year-old actress and her husband, cameraman Danny Moder, already have twins - a girl hazel Patricia and boy Finney Walter.Roberts, appeared on the show as part of the promotional campaign for his new film with the actor Tom Hanks 'Charlie Wilson's War", said that is unlikely to have another child. "We already have enough children. Now we really are a complete family." Source: Julia Roberts first showed his son (photo). Читать полностью -->

A true legend of the audition on `American idol`

A true legend of the audition on `American idol`About the casting on one of the most popular reality projects of the country is legendary. Many believe: the guy on the show would never end. However, there are those who believe the opposite. To such people is part and longtime host of "American idol" Yana Churikova."I think such large castings, as in "star Factory", a fairly objective, " says Jan. Simply because subjective. Such a paradox. Читать полностью -->

Pugachev refused to sing at the anniversary Rotaru

Pugachev refused to sing at the anniversary RotaruDiva didn't want to sing in Ukrainian famous "Chervona Ruta". The idea of singing together came up with Alla Borisovna and Sofia Mikhailovna during the celebration of the 60 anniversary Rotaru in Yalta.Only then was planned trio with the participation of Larisa Dolina. Later it was decided that Larisa will perform at the concert Rotaru separately. And then "disappeared" and Pugachev...FailureThis weekend Sofia Rotaru in the Kremlin gives the anniversary concerts. To celebrate her coming almost all Russian artists including Alla Pugacheva. However, the latter will only greet Sophia M. Читать полностью -->

Tymoshenko mysteriously fell ill before an important meeting

Tymoshenko mysteriously fell ill before an important meetingOn Friday there was information that the Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko is sick. The Prime Minister is a supporter of a healthy lifestyle and is famous for its high efficiency.The disease on the eve of the meeting of the national security Council and defence of Ukraine (NSDC) has seemed to many observers as strange. Press Secretary of the head of the government Maryna Soroka news agencies reported that on 18 January, Tymoshenko did not go to work because she has a high temperature above 39 degrees." For this reason, the Cabinet of Ministers at the meeting of the Council will present the first Vice Prime Minister Oleksandr Turchynov.In Ukrainian political and media space immediately appeared all sorts of rumors."Pessimists" talked about the fact that Tymoshenko's poisoned (good background to discuss the poisoning in September 2004, the current President, and then - presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko).On the other hand, Ukraine remembers the rumors that appeared in January 2004, that died President Leonid Kuchma. They came out of nowhere, "curled" on Internet forums and strolled in the form of sms."Optimists" now talking about the fact that she just didn't want to go to a meeting of the national security Council because it did not take into account all the wishes of the President, the government program for 2008."It is not necessary in every illness policy to see whether the poisoning, or the desire to hide behind sick leave, not to go to a meeting of the Council or of the Cabinet of Ministers, - said Ukrainian political analyst Konstantin Bondarenko to which Страна.Ru asked for comments. - Let's take without unnecessary criticism informed that the Prime Minister was ill. Politicians are people too".Another political scientist, Deputy of the 5th convocation of the bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko Dmitry Vydrin said that such rumours of poisoning is "a cursed heritage of the Byzantine era"."Such rumours even the slightest indisposition policy suggests that we live not in the European, and Byzantine political space, - the expert believes. Читать полностью -->

Luciano Pavarotti left to his heirs debts of $25 million

Luciano Pavarotti left to his heirs debts of $25 millionThe world-famous Opera singer Luciano Pavarotti is survived by his death on 25 million debt that exceeded the total value of his property. Previously, the state of the artist were estimated at almost 300 million dollars.Approximately $ 15 million of unpaid loans deceased tenor still owes the Bank, and the remaining 10 million he took in the form of loans, according to CBC with reference to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.According to the lawyer of the second wife of singer, Nicoletta Mantovani, no surprises there. "The fact that the Maestro had debts, - for anybody not a secret," said Giorgio Bernini.In the last years of his life Pavarotti gave very few concerts. In addition, he was in the hospital and accounts for the stay there was pretty impressive," said Bernini.According to the will of the singer, which was compiled on July 29, 2007, his wife is entitled to dispose of all property of the singer. Pavarotti was the owner of three properties in the U.S. and is also owned several paintings, including the brush of French artist Henri Matisse. Читать полностью -->

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