Cindy Crawford makes an anti-advertizing of their diets

Cindy Crawford makes an anti-advertizing of their diets From a distance the figure of a 41-year-old former supermodel Cindy Crawford seems to be the standard. The woman is not the first time married, gave birth to two children, and remained as slim as a girl. That's what it means to follow him. Near illusions dissipate.Photos taken the other day in Hawaii, has shocked many followers of the diet and exercise "Cindy". Belly beauties were completely wrinkled. Do not save and inflated in the Boxing ring, the slopes and in the press pool.- Of course, this is a serious anti-advertising books and video where Cindy Crawford outlines his principles of care for the body, says nutritionist Simon of Sedul. Читать полностью -->

For the sake of the Brazilian carnival will make 42nd plastic surgery

For the sake of the Brazilian carnival will make 42nd plastic surgeryBrazilian model Angela Bismarchi (Angela Bismarchi) plans to make the 42nd account plastic surgery, implantiruut yourself in the eye muscles nylon wire effect for Eastern eye.As the channel SkСѓnews, such a bold move, like plastic surgery, the woman decided only to participate in the carnival.In the Brazilian carnival Rio Carnival, which will be held next month in Rio de Janeiro, Angela will be dancing Sambo, heading a group of 300 people. The topic of team - 100th anniversary of Japanese immigration to Brazil, and, according to Angela, her modified appearance should help her team get the prize for the best dance."I've always been a narcissist. And at the carnival need to feel especially beautiful," she said.36-year-old Angela, thanks to his love for the change in appearance surgically, is very popular in Brazil. The first woman became famous in the local media in 2000, when the police arrested her for participating in the parade of naked, painted on the body of the Brazilian flag. Two years later the model participated in the parade with the image on the body by Brazil's President Lula da Silva, also not bothering to cover anything my naked body.Interestingly, the model, whose height is about two meters, even her husband chose in accordance with his unusual hobby. Spouse of Angela - plastic surgeon - personally operated on his wife 10 times. Читать полностью -->

Outsiders reality shows suffer from obscurity

Outsiders reality shows suffer from obscurityReality shows have recently become extremely popular on Russian TV. Many people are eager to participate in these programs, because some lucky it brings money, for others it becomes the impetus for my future career.For example, this happened with the old men of the long-running TNT project "Dom-2", which is write books, become the leading radio and television programmes, have the opportunity to perform on stage, with a very average song and dance data.However, luck is not all, there are outsiders, in some cases, it all ends in tragedy. "The source," writes about the deaths of three participants in two projects: the first "Home" and reality show "Hunger".According to the weekly, the winners of the first "Home" in which 12 couples for four months they built a house in the suburbs, the couple from Perm Renata and Alex Pickley, in January 2004 were killed by local bandits. This couple, by the decision of the audience, got the Grand prize of the project is 8 million rubles. It was the biggest prize in the history of Russian television.Money won Pickley was going to invest in your business, in addition, they talked about what to include in the nursing home. Meanwhile, as it became known, the winners ' plans went awry: husband and wife killed, apparently, because of the winnings. Читать полностью -->

Love games Dubtsova

Love games DubtsovaFashion show for St. Petersburg fashion designer Alina German Irina Dubtsova, speaking with your spouse as the models did on the runway now erotic show.Undeterred prying eyes, the couple are first merged in a passionate kiss, and then staged on the stage of love of the game.Irina and Roma took the podium to thunderous applause of the public in fashionable black suits, gently holding hands. Touched by the warm reception, the singer first began to throw kisses at the audience, and then turned to her lover and kissed him passionately. Roma supported the game favorite and became erotic to stroke her. The hall roared with excitement, the newspaper "Your day"."Now, now, dear," interrupted the passionate kisses Irina Roma.- Continue behind the scenes by the audience and she drew her husband. Source: Love games Dubtsova. Читать полностью -->

Elizabeth II appeared grandson eighth

Elizabeth II appeared grandson eighthBritain's Queen Elizabeth II becomes the eighth time grandmother. As ITAR-TASS, Countess of Wessex Sophie, the wife of the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth Edward P, gave birth to a son.This was reported by representatives of the Buckingham Palace.Born boy took eighth place in the chain of succession to the British throne. According to a statement Buckingham Palace, Sophie and Edward "just happy" addition to the family, and the joy with them fully share Elizabeth II and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh, who are very happy about the news.The eighth heir to the British throne was safely born on Monday at 16:20 local time in the hospital Frimley Park in Surrey. 42-year-old mother, who reportedly had a cesarean section, is feeling well and will stay in the hospital for several more days. Edward and Sophie already has a daughter, lady Louise Windsor, born in 2003. Source: Elizabeth II appeared grandson eighth. Читать полностью -->

Doctors are trying to save Glucose from deafness

Doctors are trying to save Glucose from deafnessThe doctors do everything possible to save Natasha Ionova from threatening her deafnessThe disease of Glucose, it seemed, was already gone, but yesterday the singer had a high fever and started getting terrible pain in my ears.Unbearable suffering caused the young mother to return to the doctors.Weakened visibly tired and Natalia Ionova came to the appointment with the otolaryngologist, who urged her to immediately go to the hospital.DiagnosisAfter a thorough examination, the doctor made the unfavourable diagnosis - bilateral otitis media, exacerbation of the middle meatus of both ears.Medic again strongly recommended that the patient be hospitalized for at least one week, so that in calm conditions to get treatment, but Natasha refused.- I will do everything but lie down in the chamber will not, " said Glucose. - I have a small child! I really need him now, every minute.The doctor had no choice but to agree with Natalia and again to prescribe home treatment.The doctor prescribed a number of medicinal treatments, drops, warming, antibiotics. And it is strictly forbidden to talk and sing!- I'm not singing, I swear, " promised the Glucose - but not be silent promise.The threatThe singer disease worsened, apparently, and from what Natasha does not like hats and windy weather again cold. Now Glucose is the activated form of otitis media.If she and this time would ignore the recommendations of the doctor, this disease constitutes a final hearing loss - doctors say. - Failure to comply with treatment, the probability of decay of the eardrum. Source: Doctors are trying to save Glucose from deafness. Читать полностью -->

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