Hollywood stars find love trial

Hollywood stars find love trial At the end of the year "Hollywood passions raging not only in the movies. About the personal lives of actors, singers, other celebrities and her blonde filling tells ABC News.Did not finish the trial in a divorce with his ex-wife Heather mills, former "beatle" Paul McCartney had a ball: reporters "caught" musician giving a farewell kiss his new girlfriend, the new Yorker Nancy Shevell. 47-year-old passion McCartney, whom he kissed in the car, is the spouse of a senior officer and holds the position of Vice President in the transportation company.Meanwhile, litigation with mills faces a 65-year-old McCartney loss of $ 100 million of his fortune.Played Betty in the TV series "Baywatch" Pamela Anderson recently married to Rick Solomon. Elect Anderson is most famous for the film which depicted him having sex with a party girl Paris Hilton.Previously spouses Anderson were musicians Tommy Lee and kid Rock. The Magazine Ok! the star said about her wedding that "finally succeeded in all spheres of life". For Solomon it is also the third marriage, and among his former wives is Shannon Doherty.Victoria Beckham recently made the picture hides a fleeting smile, leaning over his face, but even this gesture did not hide her joy about reconciliation with her husband David. Читать полностью -->

Anita Choi was discharged from the hospital

Anita Choi was discharged from the hospitalSinger Anita Tsoy recently was discharged from the hospital, where she spent two weeks with severe follicular tonsillitis. The singer told the Days.Roux about his illness and about how she spent those two weeks.The ENT Department of the Botkin hospital Anita left with a high temperature. And even though the peak of illnesses has passed, the doctors took the singer honestly to stay in bed. "You will not believe it, but I loved to stay in hospital that I voluntarily didn't want to leave. It would be happiness, Yes the misfortune has helped! The disease forced to go to hospital, but in the end I finally slept properly and even started drawing pictures" - says the singer."I had my friends, my family - and I got a lot of pleasure from communicating with them. When my tour and schedule I have been able to enjoy a peaceful dialogue, to stop in time after the race-work on the show, catch up on sleep and reflect on all that surrounds me? - it was done only in the hospital," says Anita."Idleness in the hospital I started to draw. Читать полностью -->

Kevin motherhood is no money for children

Kevin motherhood is no money for childrenEdition TMZ reports that Federline's lawyer is going at the next court hearing to dispute the amount of money that Britney paid to his former spouse each month.Currently Kevin Motherhood (Kevin Federline) receives about $15,000 a month for child support. Now insatiable ex-husband of Britney wants to increase the amount of the payment. Before Motherhood got $20,000 a month as a mandatory payment after the divorce from Spears, but sweet Kevin's life ended at the beginning of this month. Britney was supposed to pay him that amount until November 2007. Therefore, Federline's lawyer prepares the necessary paperwork to petition the additive to the amount that pays out Britney Spears (Britney Spears) for the maintenance of sons. According to some reports, pop singer earns about $700,000 a month.Meanwhile, in continuation of news of the pregnancy of Britney became known that the father of the child most likely is a longtime friend of Spears, producer Jonathan Rotem (JR Rotem). Читать полностью -->

Friske poisoned sweetener

Friske poisoned sweetenerZhanna Friske almost poisoned usual sweetener. As it turned out, German pills for several years as are not sold in Germany, where it is recognized as a defective product.Alas, Jeanne learned about it only when pain in the stomach were already strong enough. Called the doctor in popular language, the singer explained that this drug is irritating to the intestinal wall and apply it is highly undesirable, the newspaper "Life". Source: Friske poisoned sweetener. . . Читать полностью -->

Alsu hides that

Alsu hides thatBegan a series of Christmas lights, stars tirelessly flit from party to party, giving rise to new rumors. In a recent issue of pregnancy Alsu in the ranking of the most discussed competed, perhaps, only with the "pregnancy" of Christina Orbakaite.The latter denied this information. Later her mother, Alla Borisovna Pugacheva, dad said on his program on the radio "Alla": "Christina is not pregnant. As stated, these would be to put his feet. Although if Christina will be pregnant again, I will be very happy and if I'm alive, than I can help in the education of her grandson".Alsu refuses to give any comments: "I do not give on the subject of comments, sorry." Many have noticed that lately the singer wears loose-fitting dresses. At a recent filming of the Christmas lights Muz-TV Alsu came in black leggings, a loose blouse, studded with sequins and black sandals with high heels."I believe that a stage outfit should be different from everyday. Читать полностью -->

C Romario require more than $1 million for an unsuccessful repair

C Romario require more than $1 million for an unsuccessful repairPlaying coach of the club Vasco da Gama from Rio de Janeiro, the famous Brazilian footballer Romario was fined 1 million 270 000 dollars for repairs in the apartment of his ex-wife.Civil court of Rio de Janeiro recognized by the eligible requirements Levi Sotero living on the floor below the ex-wife of world champion 1994 Monica Santoro. The plaintiff's apartment, located in a luxury condominium "Golden green", suffered severe damage as a result of repair from the neighbors. The details of the conflict situation were not disclosed.This is the second bad news for Romario this week. We will remind, on Tuesday the Supreme sports Tribunal of Brazil was disqualified 41-year-old footballer for 4 months for doping, reminds ITAR-TASS. Source: C Romario require more than $1 million for an unsuccessful repair. . Читать полностью -->

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