Depraved `Miss France` recently may lose the title

Depraved `Miss France` recently may lose the titleThe special Committee will decide on Friday in Paris the fate of "Miss France 2008" Valerie Running, which could be stripped of his title due to publication in the magazine Entrevue her Nude pictures.This was reported in an interview with AFP, the President of the Committee of "Miss France" Genevieve de Fontaine.Running, which previously held the title of "Miss reunion 2007", was elected "Miss France on December 9, the viewers of the TV channel TF1 and a special jury, composed of stars. The title of beauty is under threat after Friday in the journal were published of her candid shots.According to the rules of the contest, the participants are not able to pose for suggestive photographs", whereas the pictures in Entrevue Running looked defiantly: so, in one photograph she licked the yogurt, and the other was lying in the pool in the pose of the crucified Christ.". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Sandra Bullock opened slightly intimate body parts

Sandra Bullock opened slightly intimate body parts One of her favorite activities is climbing. And yet, coming to the shooting, she immediately searches for nearby dance club. "When I dance, I am in harmony with yourself, the most free and expressive.I love the costumes flamenco - dense wide skirts, high heels". For her there is nothing tastier pizza with mushrooms and ham. And certainly with a bow!She's a big fan of the Internet. And she likes to make a small, independent picture with a small budget. Читать полностью -->

Spree will bring Lindsay Lohan to bankruptcy

Spree will bring Lindsay Lohan to bankruptcyAfter a series resounding failure of the films Lindsay Hollywood producers brought the actress in their blacklists.But beauty is not too worried, she hoped to earn numerous fun outfits and musical activities.But here, Lohan suffered a fiasco. Producers girls Timbaland and 50 Cent, who promised to help her, terminated with Lindsay all contracts after frivolous actress several times missed their meeting, having departed from the lovers to Capri.Also Lindsay stood up and Justin Timberlake, who wanted to write her a song together and thereby revive her career. Source: Spree would bring Lindsay Lohan to bankruptcy. . . . Читать полностью -->

Writer Mario Vargas Llosa has been struck with a heart attack

Writer Mario Vargas Llosa has been struck with a heart attackFamous Latin American writer Mario Vargas Llosa (Mario Vargas Llosa) on Friday night was urgently admitted to a hospital in the capital of Peru, AFP reports.According to doctors hospital in Lima, 71-year-old Llosa was diagnosed with a disease of the cardiovascular system. A writer's life is out of danger, but for the next few days he will remain in the hospital for the necessary surveys.Mario Vargas Llosa is considered one of the most important Latin American writers, author of the novels "the City and the dogs", "Green home", "Aunt Julia and the writer", "War of the end of the world".Llosa was awarded the most prestigious award for literature in Spanish - Cervantes prize, and the prize Nabokov. This writer in the past few years, regularly featured among the most likely candidates for the Nobel prize in literature but has not yet received this award. Source: Writer Mario Vargas Llosa has been struck with a heart attack. . . Читать полностью -->

Bold magazine covers of America for 2007

Bold magazine covers of America for 2007 One of the best magazine covers 2007 version of ASME (American Society of Magazine Editors"), the Association of American publishers magazines. All very nice, very technologically advanced and some places with deep meaning.Source: Brave magazine covers of America for 2007 (photo). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Mikhail Boyarsky wants to bring back the deficit

Mikhail Boyarsky wants to bring back the deficitFamous actor Mikhail Boyarsky before the New year, like everyone else, concerned about the problem of choosing gifts for relatives and friends. According to the artist, it has now become for him a real torment.It turns out, is much more comfortable Mikhail Sergeyevich felt in times of shortage."Here before, when in the shops, no nothing, any gift brought great joy," says the actor. - And now, when everybody is, to surprise with something hard. Therefore, one has to suffer, to choose. However, in the family of boyars came up with a way to facilitate "pre-holiday meal.". . Читать полностью -->

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