Sorcerer has defended his thesis

Sorcerer has defended his thesisDmitry Koldun became a graduate of the Belarusian University, defended on the days of his thesis.Members of the teachers ' Council has assessed the knowledge of a celebrity as much as 9 points out of a possible 10. Now the Sorcerer has a major in chemist-researcher", the newspaper "Life".- Yes, now I will be a scholar, - the singer admitted. - From an army of slopes, diploma, now you can work quietly. Source: the Sorcerer he defended his thesis. . . Читать полностью -->

The Brazilian Kaka received the `Golden ball`

The Brazilian Kaka received the `Golden ball`French weekly magazine France Football announced the name of the best player in Europe in 2007.They became the leader of the Italian Milan and Brazil national team Kaka, according to a survey of the French edition ahead attacking midfielder "Manchester United" Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentine striker "Barcelona" Lionel Messi, reports Reuters.Kaka last season he led Milan to victory in the Champions League, during the tournament, scoring 10 goals and becoming the top scorer of the tournament. At the ceremony awards, which took place in Paris, the Brazilian soccer player stressed that individual achievements in football don't mean much."To earn this award, you need to be part of a team of real fighters. I thank his teammates, his coach and its partners in Brazil, which helped me to succeed. I also thank all those who supported me throughout their career," said the winner of the "Golden ball".In the vote was attended by 96 journalists, not only France Football staff, but also the most popular football magazines throughout the world, who could vote for players not only from European clubs. Recall that last year the award was given to the captain of Italy's Fabio Cannavaro, who along with his team won the 2006 world Cup in Germany. Source: Brazilian Kaka received the "Golden ball"". Читать полностью -->

On the gay site questionnaire Dima Koldun

On the gay site questionnaire Dima KoldunRegulars of one of the most popular gay sites rejoice: their ranks replenished... handsome Dima Koldun. However, it is unknown whether he joined or he did that "good people".But the fact remains: the portal contains a large photo of the singer and its data.However, with age came some problems - there is that dime 19 years, although, as we know, he has this year turned 22. Yes and signed his page a different name - Stivi.As found "TD", on the site, as in life, the Sorcerer is a great success. In a short time he already wrote more than two hundred people, and only five lucky winners received a response.ModestyAs such the site has a profile of a famous singer, Dima did not explain. But his friends this fact is very surprised, because they know the singer as a very shy and timid guy. Читать полностью -->

Spice Girls came together again to make your point

Spice Girls came together again to make your pointFans of the recently reunited popular girl rock band the Spice Girls, it seems, began early to rejoice. As it turned out, the girls don't plan to release an album with new songs. Moreover, they are going to run again after the end of the tour."Let us enjoy each other, however, when in late February, our concert is over, we are pleased to once again go their separate ways," said one of the singers of the ensemble Mel C in an interview with DPA.According to "peppercorns", "the shows are the only opportunity for the Spice Girls to say goodbye to our fans." At that, Mel C, who recorded for more than six years after the group disbanded several solo albums, has no regrets that the ensemble ceased to exist. "I got a great solo career," said the singer.Mel C said that reunited during the group does not feel fear in front of the stage, while "girls balls" already over thirty, and the songs they will perform a decade ago, ITAR-TASS reported. "We're not that old that were not able to speak convincingly," she said. Source: Spice Girls came together again to make your point. Читать полностью -->

Glucose can become deaf in both ears

Glucose can become deaf in both earsThat Natasha Ionova serious hearing problems, the fact that she had to cancel several concerts. The singer began otitis and she might lose her hearing.It Turned Out The "Z".Glucose never thought that the common cold can lead to complications. The first attack at the singer happened at the most inopportune moment - on the set of the first after returning to the scene of the clip.The doctorUrgently arrived on site Ukrainian laryngology after inspection Natasha put her disappointing diagnosis of acute otitis media inner ear.- Natasha's ears is the most painful her place - confessed "Z" is one of the close friends of the singer. - She was once a child recovering from a severe cold, after suffering for many years due to pain in the ears.So this time, after being sick, once again faced the perennial problem.Having been in the hands of a professional doctor about two hours, Natasha colleagues came back sulking.- The doctor told me not to sing and fly, with tears in his eyes, as a little girl, admitted to his musicians Glucose.OtitisAs found "Z", Ionova is not recommended not only to sing but to fly on airplanes, and avoid drafts and hypothermia.- We still don't know what to do, " says a friend of the singer. - Don't fly when Natasha is simply impossible, and for her, every flight is just torment. When the plane takes off, Glucose starts to cry because she has pain.The singer and her family do their best to overcome the disease. Читать полностью -->

Alain Delon came into conflict with the Г©lysГ©e Palace

Alain Delon came into conflict with the Г©lysГ©e PalaceThe actor had a long wait for the invitation to be part of a delegation of civil society representatives of France, who must be accompanied by Nicolas Sarkozy during his three-day state visit to Beijing. But did not wait.As stated by Delon in an interview with the newspaper Le Parisien, considers himself "extremely humiliated" in a similar attitude by the staff of the Elysee Palace."In a few weeks I have received information that I will be included in the delegation as an honorary guest of President Sarkozy. Until the last day I was waiting for notification from the Protocol service of the Elysee Palace and service arrangements. I began to seriously worry. But in the end I never received any notice," says a famous actor.To install, how is it that Delaunay had to resort to the help of his guard, who has previously worked in Management of protection of French presidents, ITAR-TASS reported. "He called back to one of his acquaintance, and the only way it was found that in the list I do not appear. Читать полностью -->

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