Daniel Radcliffe broke up with sweetheart

Daniel Radcliffe broke up with sweetheartYoung actor Daniel Radcliffe, known for the films about Harry Potter, broke up with his girlfriend, actress Laura O'toole. The couple met on the show "the Horse" (Equus), where the then 17-year-old actor played the main role.Laura was in the second team. The role of the girlfriend of the hero of the play was performed by a different actress, Joanna Christie. In the story the characters are laid bare on the stage and participate in quite a long candid scene. Miss O'toole only once had the honor to go on stage in the portrayal of the heroine, and that was enough to win the heart of Daniel.The couple of the workers moved in closer. Even after the closing of the show in may last year, Daniel and Laura continued to meet secretly.Now an 18-year-old Radcliffe and 22-year-old O'toole came to naught. Читать полностью -->

Ksenia Sobchak attracts Timothy `sex in the brain`

Ksenia Sobchak attracts Timothy `sex in the brain`Scandalous video, which depicted a half-naked Timati and Ksenia Sobchak, at the time caused a lot of noise. Xenia and so always compare with Paris Hilton, but after the emergence of the Internet Frank roller of similarities in the girls only increased.Partner Xenia, a graduate of "star Factory-4" Timothy, says: this video was just a parody of the infamous pornoclip Hilton."The story of this movie is banal," explained the artist. - We just Ksenia decided to joke on what was created before us Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Rick Salomon. We took off on it's own parody in a hotel room with a handheld camera. It was part of the work on the music video "Dance with me", from where the captured were supposed to be just two or three seconds. But the man who did the installation, the entire recording posted on the Internet".These intimate relationships with Ksenia Sobchak at Timothy could not be. Читать полностью -->

Leontiev was poisoned on the anniversary of Igor Nikolaev

Leontiev was poisoned on the anniversary of Igor NikolaevThe artist recently obviously no luck with zagranpoezdok. Some time ago, Valery Leontiev almost crashed in a hot air balloon in Spain, and a recent trip to Miami ended for the singer severe poisoning.As it turned out, Valery became ill in the middle of a party on the occasion of the birthday of his colleagues Igor Nikolaeva. The singer felt sick, he felt dizzy and blacking out. If his time has not picked up under the arms Leonid Agutin, Leont'ev, most likely, would have fallen into a swoon.But birthday treats nothing to do with it - everything was in order. As it turned out, shortly before the Banquet Valery Yakovlevich ventured to try the exotic tuna sandwich. Moreover, I bought it in the store and on the street. Читать полностью -->

Elegant pirouette Alexa

Elegant pirouette AlexaSinger Alex recently seriously injured his leg while skating in Gorky Park, where the rest of your friends.Alex good is skating, but on regular skates she not stood since childhood. Impressed by the final concert of the show "Ice age 2" in which artists skated like a true athlete, Alex also decided to try to ride on the ice. In addition comes the hard for artists Christmas time show, where rest and relaxation is practically not possible. Even new year's eve Alex will be performing. So, with the intention to relax for the future, the singer went to the rink.She barely appeared in public, the girl immediately recognized the campers at the rink Muscovites. They have pictures of Alex on mobile phones. Читать полностью -->

Sergey Zhukov has tied the knot

Sergey Zhukov has tied the knotSergey Zhukov and the soloist of the band "Cream" Regina Burd secret from colleagues tied the knot.Chamber, but very colorful ceremony was held in one of the estates and was more like a costume drama than a wedding. Celebration, invented in the 19th century, has become a surprise not only for guests but also for the bride.The proposal to his beloved, he made shortly before the wedding. Young beauty took to think about it for a few days, agreed. First love got engaged (silver rings for future spouses were made to order by one of the best masters), and on New year's eve has formalized relations. Sergey and Regina really wanted to make a real feast, and not feast, so it was decided to invite only the closest friends and relatives - just about 20 people.In the morning the bride and groom arrived at the registry office in sportswear, t-shirts for both the inscription flaunted: Game over (in a sense, the end of free life). And after dinner, dressed in ceremonial outfits, they came to the farm, the newspaper "Your day".From what I have seen the spectacle of a young wife gasped: friends and relatives appeared in the images of famous people of the 19th century, and it was furnished in the style of noble estates. Читать полностью -->

Agyness Deyn will replace `obsolete` Kate moss

Agyness Deyn will replace `obsolete` Kate moss She won the Italian, American and British podiums, participated in advertising campaigns for Armani, Burberry and Vivienne Westwood.On 27 November in London Agyness Deyn has climbed another step in the career of supermodel, won in the category model of the year at the ceremony of awarding the main prize of the fashion industry: the British Fashion Awards.24-year-old blonde from County Langer predicting the glory of another famous British model Kate moss. She plans to sign a cooperation contract with a leading brand of youth clothing TopShop, for which, as is well known, for several seasons designs Kate moss. Source: Agyness Deyn will replace the "outdated" Kate moss (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

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