Marriage Eddie Murphy lasted a record 16 days

Marriage Eddie Murphy lasted a record 16 daysIndeed, marriage can not be called. New Union American comedian Eddie Murphy with model Tracey Edmunds broke all records short, lasting only 16 days, perepelov even Pamela Anderson and her attempt number three Rick Solomon.Bombastic wedding, the black actor and his girlfriend Tracy has played in the Christmas holidays on the island of Bora Bora, did not save the Union.PartingHaven't had time to finish our honeymoon, and exclusive wedding photos to fly around the world, as the bride and groom have already collected the divorce papers."After much thought and deliberation," said the actor to journalists - Tracy and decided to submit a formal application, we break up because our relationship has been exhausted. Our wedding in Bora Bora was the result of a deep love and respect for each other, but now the love is gone and we decided to stay friends.". . . . Читать полностью -->

The former husband of Mikhalkova upset her wedding

The former husband of Mikhalkova upset her weddingThe eldest daughter of Nikita Mikhalkov Anna recently didn't get along with her husband, businessman albert Bokovym. A year and a half ago there were rumors about the divorce, and this summer started talking about a new wedding of Anna Mikhalkova.Chose the actress and TV presenter was announced as the film's Director Shane Alexander. With it this summer Mikhalkov arrived at "Kinotavr". Said, as Anna took the man and going to marry him.About the novel the couple told the people around the actress. According to them, the romance of Alexander and Anna began suddenly, and their relationship lovers soft-pedaled - feared wrath bacova.However, the wedding of Shane and Mikhalkova suddenly upset, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Former husband of the actress albert Bakov has decided to do everything possible to return the location of Anna. Читать полностью -->

Barbara Brylska got Boobs of Pamela Anderson

Barbara Brylska got Boobs of Pamela Anderson Barbara Brylska surprised participants of the program "Two stars - 2"... fantastic size of their bust. Just a couple of years Polish actress has changed beyond recognition.Especially strong impression on others produces a lot of the increased in the volume of the breast star. From skinny teacher from Nadi ryazanovsky Comedy not a trace remained on the fore bust a La Pamela Anderson. For whom Brylska went to a middle-aged, quite frankly, the age of such radical changes, the actress with her usual tact concealed, otshumevshimi:Is the irony of fate, my dear Muscovites!Young artists literally rendered speechless by such a spectacle. Source: Barbara Brylska got Boobs of Pamela Anderson (photo). Читать полностью -->

The abolition of censorship: Brigitte Bardot performs a Striptease

The abolition of censorship: Brigitte Bardot performs a Striptease Rare scenes footage from the filming of "Novices" that did not appear in the tape 1970-the year due to the censorship, finally presents cinephile (and not only) community.The film "Novices" was released in 1970, the year when Brigitte Bardot was 36 years old when the star was at the peak of its creative shape and sex appeal. Scene bathing nun Agnes, played by Bardo, then released version of the tape did not contain any exposed flesh.It was decided to work with scissors when mounting, in order not to bring down the wrath of God in the person of moralists on the sinful earth. However, in the version of a story about a nun, entering a libertarian path of sin, the path that is taken concurrently be considered the oldest profession, has caused quite a stir, despite the obvious comedic focus of the picture.However, years passed, and like all more or less covert or overt, the original intention of the Director was in the public domain. Source: the Abolition of censorship: Brigitte Bardot performs a Striptease (photos). . . Читать полностью -->

Paris Hilton posed Nude on a yacht

Paris Hilton posed Nude on a yacht Scandalous socialite Paris Hilton took part in a candid photoshoot.Shooting 26-year-old star was aboard a yacht in Marina Del Rey (California) and was devoted to advertising apparel company Fila, Paris promoted in the past year. The contract amount is Paris with the South Korean company Fila is estimated at $ 1 million.Paris posed in numerous outfits, including a bikini. On some pictures it was a young attractive male model who looked a little like Ashton Kutcher.One of the photos they with Paris even kissed, reports showbizspy.During the filming of Paris listened to and sang songs of Britney Spears. "She sang Britney, such as Toxic, I Did It Again. She knew all the words. Once she even shouted to the photographer: "I love Britney!", - says an eyewitness.Recall that recently the relations between the two skandalistki very cool. Читать полностью -->

Independent living participants `Home-2`

Independent living participants `Home-2`We already wrote about the fact that the oldest participants "Houses-2" by decision of the management of the project left the "TV construction site". The boys were given a chance to start new, independent life in Moscow.Of course, viewers will be able to observe the life of their favorite characters, as in apartments placed the camera. But unlike other contestants on the show have the "Oldies" have the opportunity to realize their dreams.In Moscow apartment settled Stepan Menshchikov with his girlfriend, Sasha, Victoria Karaseva and Ruslan Proskuriv, Nastya Dashko and Sam Seleznev, and while Olya lonely Sun with his cat Maricom."Move me, but I shared the Sun. - The apartment is beautiful, stylish, design me all very happy. But there is still a lot to do, because so far it's just a beautiful decoration. The apartment this room will be when I will settle in: hang all of your frames, plates, photos. Читать полностью -->

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