Sobchak was accused of illegally crossing the border

Sobchak was accused of illegally crossing the borderIn the capital airport Sheremetyevo-1 socialite fully demonstrated that she violated the law.Ksenia Sobchak has decided that it is not necessary to pass through passport control, and at a time when her colleagues waited until they put the stamp in the documents, She ran toward the exit. Such administrative violation TV star threatens serious consequences.Xenia together with other colleagues over the weekend was returning from Kazakhstan. In Alma-ATA, she participated in the opening of the shopping center "Almaly". When the plane landed at Moscow airport, the most famous passengers, as is customary, held in the VIP room.Here employees of passport services had to collect all the passports to put stamps on crossing the border. Realizing that it is a serious procedure, tired celebrity nevertheless waited patiently. Only one Sobchak did not want to waste your precious time and ignoring the employees of the airport, ran toward the exit.JustificationPleased with his clever trick, Sobchak has already sat in the car, as a VIP room began to panic as the staff of the passport service has missed passport Sobchak. Читать полностью -->

Olga Drozdova refused to feed my son breast

Olga Drozdova refused to feed my son breastMother of actor Dmitry Pevtsov Noemi S. a hint of sadness in his voice admitted that her famous daughter-in-law stopped breastfeeding. The long-awaited firstborn Pevtsov and Drozdova is completely artificial nutrition.Although, as you know, for the baby's development and immunity is much more useful than mother's milk. But for the actress, apparently, rehearsals and the premiere is more important than his own son.On 16 November it after a long break will take the stage of "Contemporary" in the play "the Cherry orchard", and she needs as quickly as possible to regain form. This, in fact, and now busy actress.The heirAs found "Your DAY", from the first days great care of Elisha (such a rare name I decided to call the boy creative parents) showed grandma and Dmitri himself than his mother. 42 year old Olga Drozdova, which has dramatically gained weight, first experienced post-delivery depression, and then engaged in its own life - welcome back to the theatre. Читать полностью -->

Abdulov in critical condition taken to hospital

Abdulov in critical condition taken to hospitalJust released from the hospital, Alexander Abdulov was again urgently taken to her: the memory has become so critical that the bill, according to the doctors, went to minutes.54-year-old actor was hospitalized in an unconscious state in the carriage "ambulance" one of the most expensive private firms of Moscow.Awareness to the cancer patient Alexander Gavrilovich returned only after the doctors hooked him up to the ventilator.- Then he came to himself again for a long time fell into unconsciousness, - tell "Your DAY" the doctors of the hospital. - We have put Abdulov drip, but his condition is so severe that he fainted again. To stabilize Alexander Gavrilovich, unfortunately, not yet possible.CottageReleased from the hospital Tuesday, the actor was accompanied by wife Julia went to the country in the near suburbs. Dreams spouses to celebrate in the family circle, the New year, apparently, will not come true. On the third day of staying home Alexander Gavrilovich has become so bad that several times he lost consciousness. About 12 o'clock actor's wife called for an ambulance.- Abdulov was very high temperature, - physicians continue. Читать полностью -->

Widow Belousova asks US protection from her husband-oligarch

Widow Belousova asks US protection from her husband-oligarchWe already wrote about the persecution of the singer, a single mother Elena Belousova (Savina) her former common-law husband, a respected businessman Victor Bondarenko. The essence of the conflict is that a multimillionaire Bondarenko wants the child away from the mother.And to raise the girl together with his wife Ravidas MINGALEEV. On false charges of theft of icons Belousov even put in a cell for two days, and, if not excited, the media, public opinion, she would have been a year sitting somewhere in the Mordovian women's prison. After such sad events Elena disappeared for many months. And so early in the morning I was awakened by her call from across the ocean...An intimate relationship Belousova and Bondarenko lasted for six years. The result of the relationship was the birth of my daughter Jenny. Читать полностью -->

Oligarch Yevtushenkov was taken to hospital by ambulance

Oligarch Yevtushenkov was taken to hospital by ambulanceIn one of the elite Moscow clinic with left-sided pneumonia delivered an influential businessman Vladimir Yevtushenkov. The oligarch has been admitted to hospital with severe cough and high fever.Doctors immediately invited him to take a VIP hospital to start treatment immediately.After receiving the results of the initial examination, the doctors prescribed Yevtushenkov intensive therapy, but the patient is still in serious condition.Somewhere cold, apparently, and was not treated, " says the doctor on duty. Hence such a deplorable result!Vladimir Petrovich felt unwell over the weekend, but did not attach any importance. Earlier in the week the patient's condition oligarch has deteriorated, and the family called an ambulance. Doctors brought a VIP patient in the hospital.The chamberYevtushenkov was placed in a ward that has everything you need: TV, fridge and air conditioning. Big patient secured a doctor and a nurse, which do not depart from the patient.Having collected the special Council, luminary medicine two hours of treatment. Читать полностью -->

Christina Aguilera will star in a movie with Katie Holmes

Christina Aguilera will star in a movie with Katie HolmesSinger Christina Aguilera is on her last month of pregnancy, plans to act in films. Before this audition Aguilera was limited to soundtracks.In February, immediately after birth, Aguilera will begin work on my first film. Christine was offered a role in domestic drama "Humboldti Park. The film also will be attended by the wife of Tom cruise - Katie HOMS, which will help Christine in her endeavors. Myself Kathy stated that shooting will help to destroy her image not serious actress, writes ActuStar. Source: Christina Aguilera will star in a movie with Katie Holmes. Читать полностью -->

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