In Moscow comes a new Harry Potter

In Moscow comes a new Harry PotterSale seventh novel about a young wizard Harry Potter British author JK Rowling, who received a Russian translation of the title "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", will begin at midnight on October 13 in Moscow bookshops.The first book will start selling the Moscow House of books, "Moscow", "Biblio-Globus", "Medvedkovo" and "bukari," said PR Director of publishing house "rosmen" Alex Chekhov. In addition, there are large holiday programs, reports RIA "Novosti". "Publishing house "rosmen" has announced a competition for the best script of the festival and thus "provoked" bookstores on creativity. Therefore, this day, October 13, there will be really loud and bright holiday event for the whole Russia", - said Chekhov.In the store "Moscow" Potter fans will be able to participate in the costume contest and get a ten percent discount on the book, attend the lesson "Transfiguration" on the methodology of Professor McGonagall, become a party to fun Raffles and contests. Tentatively, the seventh part of "Harry Potter" in English will cost a little more than 300 rubles.In addition, buy after midnight bestseller J. K. Читать полностью -->

Lolita has revealed the secret of his maligawatte

Lolita has revealed the secret of his maligawatteLolita for several years now is the same program. From year to year, changing only the name of the show. So, this year, the artist stands with the program "I'm 43, and who will give them?" last year "I'm 42, and who will give them?" the year before that - "I'm 41, and who will give?".By the way, Lolita is a bit disingenuous. The fact that the birthday of the artist in November. And while the artist is still performing under the slogan "I'm 43", actually she is already almost 44.However, the mystery of his age, courageous presenter of the program "Without complexes" ready to open to the public."My costume designer and stylist always say: "With your figure I must only wear black," he shared with the singer. Then nobody will say that you were born in 1963, the year. Читать полностью -->

Britney spears again forgot to put on underwear

Britney spears again forgot to put on underwear In the Internet appeared a new portion of pictures of Britney captured in all its glory: in a bright red short dress and no panties.Source: Britney spears again forgot to put on underwear (photo). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Anna Loginov made a deliberate attempt

Anna Loginov made a deliberate attemptIn a murder investigation models have new witnesses and defendantsIn "hot pursuit" of criminals has not been apprehended, but the investigation had new opportunities, according to sources in the police Department.Anna Loginova was the head of private security company "Stiletto". However, according to the information channel "Vesti", in organizations of professional bodyguards about the existence of this security company does not know.President of the National Association of bodyguards of Russia Dmitry Fonarev doubt at all that the deceased had to do with security agencies. According to him, in Moscow club professional, with 350 people, Loginova was. He also noted that he personally knows two or three female bodyguards. Mr. Fonarev suggested that it could be murder, staged under ordinary robbery. Читать полностью -->

Leontiev agreed to strip naked for commercial yachts

Leontiev agreed to strip naked for commercial yachtsCompany for the production of flour products made a formal proposal to the artist to advertise the pasta. The letter stated that Valery Yakovlevich for a fee of $ 200 thousand $ will take part in the video that glorifies flour products.However, Leontiev, not penetrating into the essence of the matter, gave a categorical denial.I don't understand, why to me they asked, " said the singer. - What I know about pasta? What a strange Association?! And why should I advertise for such a paltry fee? Sophia Loren for advertising pasta got millions, and I offer such a trifle.But this does not mean that Valery Yakovlevich always refuses advertising. In 1993, the singer made the first offer to participate in the campaign. Then Leontiev liked and royalties, and production of American cars "Lincoln". Getting a decent fee, the singer immediately invested in the recording of the next album and creating a new concert program. Читать полностью -->

Resident `Comedy Club` prepared for Gurchenko coffin

Resident `Comedy Club` prepared for Gurchenko coffinBeing a celebrity is very difficult and responsible work, and often unpleasant and even cruel.The main enemy of many celebrities traditionally believe the press. But, like all people of the stars, and quarrel with each other, and then press became a battleground.Heroes "lie Detector" this week became Lyudmila Gurchenko, resident Comedy Club Tair Mamedov, Alain Vodonaeva and Irina Dubtsova.Humor "Comedy club" different sharpness and sarcasm. Usually celebrities get from Paul Will, unfortunately, not all representatives of our glorious show business understand the kind of humor that not everyone is able to relate to the person with irony. Let me remind you about the recent scandal of a resident with Alla Borisovna.At the contest "New wave" in Jurmala Will announced Philip Kirkorov as follows: "Philipp Kirkorov...... somewhere I heard that name". After that Paul went backstage, where he was waiting for Joe. Читать полностью -->

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