Prince Harry suspected in the destruction of rare birds

Prince Harry suspected in the destruction of rare birdsThe younger son of the heir to the British throne Prince Harry was suspected of poaching, writes in Wednesday newspaper the Guardian.The Prince and his friend, whose name was not disclosed, were questioned by Polizei on the murder in Norfolk, two Montagu's Harriers - rare birds of the hawk family, hunting for them in the UK is strictly prohibited.In the County police asked a local resident, who said that on 24 October he found around the manor Sandringham owned by the Royal family, killed two Harriers. During the investigation it was established that in Sandringham at this moment vacationing Prince Harry and his friend who arranged the hunt.According to The Guardian, police have questioned Prince Harry and his friend. This information was confirmed by the press service of the heir of the Royal family, stressing that Harry was questioned only as a witness and not a suspect. In the Norfolk police from making any comments in connection with the case of the illegal hunt refused.The destruction of rare species of fauna, writes The Guardian, under the laws of the UK, punishable by imprisonment for up to 6 months or by a fine of 5 thousand pounds. In England, according to the newspaper, there are no more than 20 pairs of Montagu's Harriers, part of them live in the reserve, bordering the estate Sandringham. Source: Prince Harry suspected in the destruction of rare birds. Читать полностью -->

Clooney and pitt caught in a public toilet

Clooney and pitt caught in a public toiletWhen October 11, their colleague Julia Roberts was awarded the American Cinematheque for his contribution to cinema, the main sex symbols of Hollywood George Clooney and brad pitt are unable to attend the event.However, George and brad found an original way to congratulate the laureate. Yesterday evening the ceremony held in October, was first aired on television.George Clooney, locked in the Cabinet, tells Julia that he "hides in the closet" to relax from the crazy fans and calmly to congratulate her. There's a man in the next booth starts snapping his fingers, giving him clear signals. George gets up, opens the door and finds brad pitt.This case is a parody of the scandal with former U.S. Senator Larry Craig, who in June 2007 was arrested in a public toilet, where molested visitors, snapping his fingers, thus demonstrating its willingness to enter into an intimate relationship. Among the guests of the event handling of the actors had great success. Читать полностью -->

Oksana Fedorova will take her husband's name

Oksana Fedorova will take her husband's nameThe name of the presenter and the former owner of the title "Miss universe" Oksana Fedorova will now sound different. We already wrote about the fact that this summer the girl was married to a German Philip Toft. Now Oksana wants to take his last name.This was told by the mother of TV presenter. The decision to change his surname to people public professions usually are difficult. But Oksana Fedorova decided to become Oksana Toft.However, in Russia, where her name is on everyone's lips, the girl will use a double surname. At social events, Oksana will now be declared as Fedorov-Toft.While spouses live separately. Читать полностью -->

Sofia the tai did not like in Egypt

Sofia the tai did not like in EgyptBusy schedule did not allow the singer Sofia the tai, which is actively engaged in a solo career after leaving the group "Lyceum", to go on a long journey, so she left the country for four days.The Egyptian town of Sharm El-Sheikh chose AIS. Not far away, warm, fabulous underwater world of the red sea, yellow sand and red mountains. Sofia decided to look at it with my own eyes, because she never was in Egypt.So, along with her lover, Andrew and his brother Ivan and Sofia went to celebrate a birthday in Sharm. Generous native inhabitants of the country began to cheat tourists as soon as they checked in at the hotel. In the near shop their drivers dress up in national costumes and provided musical instruments. "But that's OK, we were on vacation, we had fun, and they got to feed my family" - with a smile, says tai Sophia.And when the company went to the Old town to see the local color, they are especially lucky. Читать полностью -->

Spiegel avenged Baskov for `long tongue`

Spiegel avenged Baskov for `long tongue`Divorce scandal Nikolai Baskov is gaining momentum. With soulful trills on the topic of his personal life main Solovey Russian pop party stands almost in each edition. And look to the judicial terms and the name of Koli start talking irons.In a random PR campaign artist includes not only friends, but relatives and former. And without any desire.A few weeks ago, unable to bear the shame with an angry tirade about the former son-in-law made ex-father-in-law celebrity. Millionaire Boris Spiegel said in an interview that he was not going to hear from Nicholas the truth. Pharmaceutical magnate assured journalists that the so-called nobility of his former relative - true fiction."What apartment and what kind of country he wants to leave his mother and father-in-law? - said Boris Isaakovich one of the daily Newspapers. Читать полностью -->

Malakhov was kicked out of the First channel

Malakhov was kicked out of the First channelGuide channel set popular broadcaster an ultimatum - either it only works on the First or leads of the show "Golden gramophone" on the radio and participates in other projects.Therefore, for the sake of his beloved work Andrew had to abandon other earnings. After the Christmas holidays, the listeners will not hear the cheerful voice leading on your favorite wave.Apparently, the guide channel has gone to such measures because the presenter recently became too much attention to devote to the project, and bosses Malakhov rightly feel that all your energy Andrew must send to the transfer of "Let them talk"."Really, I'm not going to "gramophone," said Malakhov. January 15 will stop working at the radio station. I made a choice in favor of the First channel that runs for years." Source: Malakhov was kicked out of the First channel. . . Читать полностью -->

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