Salma Hayek uses a breast pump instead of a diet

Salma Hayek uses a breast pump instead of a dietSalma Hayek, who last September gave birth to her first child, a baby girl, Valentina Paloma, resorted to extreme measures to lose weight after pregnancy.After learning from friends that breastfeeding is a good way to get rid of extra pounds, Mexican actress actively set to work, according to m&c.Close to the star, a source told the magazine America's Star: Salma sucks and keeps in the refrigerator for a huge quantity of breast milk. When she's not feeding Valentina, uses a breast pump, acting similarly to a milking machine.However, the 41-year-old Salma is not very successful. "Whatever they do, she can't lose weight," added the source.Expert on breastfeeding Susan Condon says: "After the baby is born breastfeeding can really help to get rid of purchased weight without dieting, because milk production is spent calories. It is important to do this gradually and not to overtax the body." Source: Salma Hayek uses a breast pump instead of a diet. . . Читать полностью -->

Pamela Anderson waiting for another child

Pamela Anderson waiting for another childAbout his interesting position pam learned September 29: on this day, she and Rick hurried to file a petition for permission to get married.But to announce her two-month pregnancy beauty in no hurry. Too recently whole community, led by the former spouse Chris Rock accused the blonde in the simulation of miscarriage.And for Pamela and her new husband, Rick Solomon, this child will be the third. 40-year-old actress has spoken of his desire to give birth to a baby girl. Two boys, Brandon and Dillon, drummer Tommy Lee she already has. But the newfound 39-year-old husband of pam, probably dreaming about his son, because previous marriages provided Rick's two daughters. Source: Pamela Anderson waiting for another child. Читать полностью -->

A mysterious stranger annually visit the grave of Edgar Allan PoE

A mysterious stranger annually visit the grave of Edgar Allan PoEA mysterious stranger brought on the grave of writer Edgar Allan PoE three roses and an opened bottle of ridge.These items have a sort of "annual tribute", which for the past two generations, lays a mysterious family of admirers of talent of the writer.A mysterious visit to the cemetery lone stranger turned into a kind of ritual, dedicated to the day of birth Is January 19, reports the Associated Press. On this day, nearly 150 people gathered near the cemetery Westminster Presbyterian Church at the 59th time to observe the mysterious appearance of an anonymous fan.Such a large crowd gathers for the first time. In 2007, the onlookers were almost three times less. According to the Director of House-Museum of writer Jeff Jerome, the visitor chose not to leave notes for the curious, who want to learn the history of this offering and the identity of who's behind this.Characteristically, the story of a secret admirer is so overgrown with rumors that it's getting very hard to set the time and the cause of this tradition. Some even ready to claim the founder of the Lavra of this action.Thus, former Church historian Sam Porpora, who once fought for the preservation of the cemetery, says that the tradition originated with the filing in 1970-ies. Thus Porpora allegedly tried to attract public attention to the monument of history.However Porpora Jerome argues that the tributes began no later than 1949, because after a year in the Baltimore newspaper, The Evening Sun was placed the note on the annual visit to the grave and leave it in the same empty bottle of brandy.Every year Jerome invites fans of the writer, to witness the arrival of a stranger, but he doesn't like publicity.Sometimes happen and excesses. Читать полностью -->

Natalie Portman has decided to change roles

Natalie Portman has decided to change rolesAmerican actress Natalie Portman has signed a two-year contract with Participant Prods. Portman will become a Director of the new film A Tale of Love and Darkness ("a tale of love and darkness"), which will be her directorial debut.In the scenario of the tape lay a memoir by Israeli novelist Amos oz, says Variety.Company Participant Prods produced such films as "Syriana" and "good night and good luck" and a documentary of al Gore's "an Inconvenient truth". "We all share the desire to create a serious and high-quality movie that raises issues of public resonance, and also helps to solve global problems," said Portman.Producer Ricky Strauss, who worked on the film "an Inconvenient truth", said the actress is interested in projects that can not only entertain, but also to help". He said: "Her position is a position not only of the artist, but also a human rights activist. We understand very well each other, and it is very nice".Soon to cinemas will be released a few films with Natalie Portman: "Mr. magorium's wonder Emporium", "Another kind Boleyn" and "My blueberry nights". Читать полностью -->

Brad Renfro was found dead in his room

Brad Renfro was found dead in his roomThe young actor brad Renfro, who became famous even in his childhood thanks to his role in the movie "the Client" by John Grisham and is known for his work with keira Knightley in the movie "Cover" (Jacket), died Tuesday in Los Angeles.His lifeless body was found by a roommate.Brad Renfro was only 25 years old. The cause of death of young actor is not yet established.Visible damage or traces of violent death on a body of the guy is not detected, writes US Weekly. Now on this fact the investigation is underway.Perhaps the death of brad it is associated with an addiction to drugs. In December 2006 after the actor was accused of trying to buy heroin. And in July last year, brad, who was given a suspended sentence, was caught on what has not complied with the court orders. Renfroe had to undergo special treatment, but has not done so.Brad Renfro cannot be called a very successful artist, but in his youth he showed great promise. Читать полностью -->

Saltykov froze the audience with their songs

Saltykov froze the audience with their songsThe last visit to Tula Irina Saltykova complained to reporters that very rarely happens in my home city of Novomoskovsk.Supposedly very offended by the local administration, which has never invited the star on the Day of the city as an honored guest. And finally, Irina desire come true. She was invited to sing at a concert in my hometown. But instead of a joyful reunion with his family in some places, Irina was extremely irritated and even yelled at the sound engineer on stage, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".- Turn down the music, and my MIC louder, " said the singer.Even Novomoskovsky took a celebrity quite cold. Was not enthusiastic shouts and applause. Perhaps due to the fact that Saltykov was late for 40 minutes, and people were able to thoroughly freeze. Читать полностью -->

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