Houellebecq and Beigbeder is debate drank in Moscow vodka

Houellebecq and Beigbeder is debate drank in Moscow vodkaOn Saturday at the modern art center "Winery" in Moscow held a debate popular writers Michel Houellebecq and frГ©dГ©ric Beigbeder, reports RIA Novosti.At the event, which was also attended by the Ambassador of France in Russia Stanislas de Laboulaye, had more than 200 accredited journalists. As the correspondent of the Agency, Houellebecq appeared in the room of Eleven Studio 15 minutes prior to the start of the debate, while Beigbeder was half an hour late.Leading the debate, the chief editor of the publishing group "Atticus" Sergei Parkhomenko started with a question about what each writer means Russia. "In my mind the image of Russia, which is actually not," said Beigbeder and recalled that the French have a lot of clichГ©s about Russians. "There is an opinion that all Russians going on in my head the same as that of Raskolnikov," added Houellebecq.For arguments about the fate of Beigbeder's novel in English were asked to bring to the stage a bottle of vodka. When his request fulfilled, he filled two glasses and drank with Houellebecq. With snacks at hand was not, says the correspondent of RIA Novosti.Further Beigbeder explained what distinguishes his work from the creativity Houellebecq. Читать полностью -->

Nicole Richie is poisoning the child nicotine

Nicole Richie is poisoning the child nicotinePregnant socialite Nicole Richie, who in August had less than two hours in jail for drunk driving, can not quit Smoking, but is in the sixth month.Eyewitnesses at least twice I saw her recently in new York, igniting the cigarette. Once - a day at the exit of the restaurant Da Sivano in the company of two women, the second in the evening at Nobu.In both cases, Richie Smoking, reports the New York Post.25-year-old daughter of musician Lionel Richie is expecting a baby from her boyfriend, rocker Joel Madden. Source: Nicole Richie is poisoning the child nicotine. . . . Читать полностью -->

Spice Girls collected $20 million each

Spice Girls collected $20 million eachParticipants reunited group Spice Girls on the London stage of his world tour has collected 20 million dollars each, writes the newspaper the Mirror.An informed source said: "Barbra Streisand the prices were high, but she was only three concerts, the Prince was 21 concert, but the prices were a bargain. Few bands are able to sell tickets for 17 concerts for the price of $ 150 for a ticket".Just look at the reunited five, which has performed at the O2 Arena, was attended by about 400 thousand people. Through ads and sponsors the total collection amounted to approximately $ 100 million.Jerry Halliwell recently stated that the return of the Spice Girls has nothing to do with greed: "to Organize the tour was worth about 38 million dollars. We did this only for the sake of our fans, for the music and for ourselves. It's not making money".Now the Spice Girls begin to speak in another British city of Manchester, where they will play three concerts. Then their performances continue in America and other countries. Читать полностью -->

The first hundred beauties starred in a Chinese movie

The first hundred beauties starred in a Chinese movie 1 December in the town of Sanya on South China's Hainan island can be seen immediately 100 most beautiful girls on the planet. In the parade of beauty at this famous resort will participate pretender to the title of "Miss world-2007".While damsels are traveling to China, representing the personification of light forces and charity, messengers of peace and kindness.And on the Monday all the 106 finalists managed to pull in the incendiary clip - dedicated to the Olympic torch relay of the Beijing 2008 Olympic games. The clip is made to the English version of the song "Light the fire, share the dream".The honour of our country at this time will protect the 22-year-old resident of Rostov Tatyana Kotova, the winner of the title "Miss Russia-2006". Source: the first Hundred beauties starred in a Chinese movie (photos). . . Читать полностью -->

The heroes of the series `Ellen and the boys` battered life

The heroes of the series `Ellen and the boys` battered life In 1992 in France has produced the series "Ellen and the boys". It was one of the first youth TV series, which was held in Russia. For the UPS and downs of the life of French teenagers watched as a family. 15 years have passed, and the heroes of youth aged. However, as we are.Source: Heroes of the series "Ellen and the boys" battered life (photo). . Читать полностью -->

The girlfriend of Prince William moved into a Royal residence

The girlfriend of Prince William moved into a Royal residenceGirlfriend of Britain's Prince William Kate Middleton secretly lives with him at his official residence, reports The Sun.Kate, who yesterday together with the successor participated in the festive shooting of pheasants, in the last two months, more and more frequently appears at Clarence house as at home.The staff of the London residence of the instructions were to let it, and the keys to his apartment in Chelsea's 25-year-old Kate gave her younger sister Pippa a ring.This is the most obvious sign that William and Kate left their differences in the past.Yesterday while hunting in Windsor Great Park Kate and William showed how strong their relationship is. Them several times seen cuddling and kissing. Kate, who was in a brown fur hat, almost did not stop smiling.The event with the bird hunting was a Christmas gift to William from his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.In October Kate quit her job and since then spends a lot of time with William at Clarence house when he is in town.The source also said that since then, in August, William completed a course in the military Academy, he is also far more lives in the residence. William has a room in the dormitory officers in Windsor. But he remained there for the night the only time she had to get up at dawn. The rest of the time the Prince spent in London - almost always in the company of Kate.The current situation is very different from April, when William and Kate were on the verge of splitting. Читать полностью -->

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