For the sake of the Brazilian carnival will make 42nd plastic surgery

For the sake of the Brazilian carnival will make 42nd plastic surgeryBrazilian model Angela Bismarchi (Angela Bismarchi) plans to make the 42nd account plastic surgery, implantiruut yourself in the eye muscles nylon wire effect for Eastern eye.As the channel SkСѓnews, such a bold move, like plastic surgery, the woman decided only to participate in the carnival.In the Brazilian carnival Rio Carnival, which will be held next month in Rio de Janeiro, Angela will be dancing Sambo, heading a group of 300 people. The topic of team - 100th anniversary of Japanese immigration to Brazil, and, according to Angela, her modified appearance should help her team get the prize for the best dance."I've always been a narcissist. And at the carnival need to feel especially beautiful," she said.36-year-old Angela, thanks to his love for the change in appearance surgically, is very popular in Brazil. The first woman became famous in the local media in 2000, when the police arrested her for participating in the parade of naked, painted on the body of the Brazilian flag. Two years later the model participated in the parade with the image on the body by Brazil's President Lula da Silva, also not bothering to cover anything my naked body.Interestingly, the model, whose height is about two meters, even her husband chose in accordance with his unusual hobby. Spouse of Angela - plastic surgeon - personally operated on his wife 10 times. As for the appearance of Angela, in her words, she's not going to stop there. In the plans of the model is to break the record American Cindy Jackson, who made 47 plastic surgeries. Source: For the Brazilian carnival will make 42nd plastic surgery.

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