Love games Dubtsova

Love games DubtsovaFashion show for St. Petersburg fashion designer Alina German Irina Dubtsova, speaking with your spouse as the models did on the runway now erotic show.Undeterred prying eyes, the couple are first merged in a passionate kiss, and then staged on the stage of love of the game.Irina and Roma took the podium to thunderous applause of the public in fashionable black suits, gently holding hands. Touched by the warm reception, the singer first began to throw kisses at the audience, and then turned to her lover and kissed him passionately. Roma supported the game favorite and became erotic to stroke her. The hall roared with excitement, the newspaper "Your day"."Now, now, dear," interrupted the passionate kisses Irina Roma.- Continue behind the scenes by the audience and she drew her husband. Source: Love games Dubtsova.

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