Doctors are trying to save Glucose from deafness

Doctors are trying to save Glucose from deafnessThe doctors do everything possible to save Natasha Ionova from threatening her deafnessThe disease of Glucose, it seemed, was already gone, but yesterday the singer had a high fever and started getting terrible pain in my ears.Unbearable suffering caused the young mother to return to the doctors.Weakened visibly tired and Natalia Ionova came to the appointment with the otolaryngologist, who urged her to immediately go to the hospital.DiagnosisAfter a thorough examination, the doctor made the unfavourable diagnosis - bilateral otitis media, exacerbation of the middle meatus of both ears.Medic again strongly recommended that the patient be hospitalized for at least one week, so that in calm conditions to get treatment, but Natasha refused.- I will do everything but lie down in the chamber will not, " said Glucose. - I have a small child! I really need him now, every minute.The doctor had no choice but to agree with Natalia and again to prescribe home treatment.The doctor prescribed a number of medicinal treatments, drops, warming, antibiotics. And it is strictly forbidden to talk and sing!- I'm not singing, I swear, " promised the Glucose - but not be silent promise.The threatThe singer disease worsened, apparently, and from what Natasha does not like hats and windy weather again cold. Now Glucose is the activated form of otitis media.If she and this time would ignore the recommendations of the doctor, this disease constitutes a final hearing loss - doctors say. - Failure to comply with treatment, the probability of decay of the eardrum. Source: Doctors are trying to save Glucose from deafness.

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