Robski I left the guy because of the terrible character

Robski I left the guy because of the terrible characterWriter Oksana Robski says about his personal drama - the breakup with a former lover Igor Shalimov, openly."It is always sad when the stories end, - said the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" Oksana Robski. - We're through, - says Oksana. - Delicate this issue is, as people live together. And when we parted - not anymore. I can now talk about this calmly".Oksana told that their wedding Shalimov was postponed several times for various reasons, eventually the marriage will not take place. Robski admitted that Igor and they don't communicate for a month and probably never will be friends. "I'm not with any of his former men are unable to maintain friendly relations, except that with the last husband - the father of my child. He even us with Igor tried to reconcile. But he did not. Too my deep resentment at Igor. No, there was no infidelity. He still says: "What women can be like when there is Oksana?".Oksana Robski says they are Igor and I got on together: "I could not forgive. We have terrible characters. We recently starred in the transfer from Pushkina. We asked: "did you know?" Igor said, "How do I know? After all, anything can happen... Maybe in six months, break up". I also said, "We are so testy. Tomorrow may fall out". And so it was..." Source: Robski left her fiance because of the terrible character.

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