The Creator of the `Nord-OST` `fed up` musicals

The Creator of the `Nord-OST` `fed up` musicalsThe Creator of the musical "Nord-OST", the audience which in 2002 became hostages of terrorists in the theatrical center on Dubrovka, doesn't want to do musicals, but the show is on the shelf waiting for better times, reports RIA "Novosti"."No, I don't want any more, fed up with the Authorities don't like what this show is associated with the terrorist attack, and people are also afraid of it," said producer Georgy Vasilyev on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attack on Dubrovka, which claimed the lives of 130 people.The Creator of the musical recalled that after the attack, the performance was restored first in Moscow. "We showed it in the same DC more than a hundred times, but were forced to close, because, of course, to show in the same place it was impossible. The flow of spectators, of course, declined because many were not able to overcome and come to the place where there was a mass murder," he said.However, according to him, in the building on Dubrovka are two musical club, and the visitors their location is not associated with the tragedy in 2002, because they are not called "Nord-OST"."Later we created a mobile version of the play in 2004, she was ready to start the tour, we announced the start of the tour, and the first city was supposed to be St. Petersburg. At the end of September 2004 was appointed Prime Minister, but, unfortunately, the city refused to accept our performance. But it already a question to the city authorities", - said the producer."Then it turned out that we just kept out of the big cities. A similar situation emerged in Novosibirsk, then to Ekaterinburg. We managed to drive only in two cities - the premiere was moved to Nizhny Novgorod and Tyumen. We essentially broke this tour," said Vasiliev.Most of the young heroes of the play, according to him, was admitted in the universities. "I think that probably more than ten people from former graduates of our Nord-mostovskoi Studio, studying at VGIK, in GITIS, in the school-Studio of MKHAT. As for adults, I can't even keep track of all the actors, I just often see them on the screen, in films, in advertising, somewhere else," he said. "As for the play itself, then it lies in a warehouse, waiting for better times", - said Georgy Vasilyev.Recall that the play "Nord-OST" became known worldwide after in October 2002, terrorists captured and held hostage for three days, more than 900 people coming in the theatrical center on Dubrovka in this production. The victims were 130 people.After this performance has been slightly modified, and September 24, 2004 were due to start his tour on the stage of St. Petersburg "Music Hall". It was assumed that they will open the tour of the musical in 17 cities of Russia. Petersburg theatre has signed a contract for a tour, but then the new management of "Music Hall" said that the scene is in disrepair, and has canceled a series of shows of "Nord-OST" in the Northern capital. Source: the Creator of "Nord-OST" "fed up" musicals.

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