Abdulov they tried to hide their disease from mother

Abdulov they tried to hide their disease from motherSince the death of the great actor Alexander Abdulov in press publishes a previously unpublished interview of Alexander Gavrilovich, interviews with his friends and family.One of these conversations with the mother of the actor Lyudmila Alexandrovna happened even before the news of the death of Alexander Abdulov.The woman openly talked about the past, his son and about his present. However, very much a famous actor mother tried to hide."From me to hide their illness," said Lyudmila Aleksandrovna. - I always the last to know - not trying to upset you. He calls, and I'm in tears, I heard on the radio that he was hit by a car, was taken to the Sklifosovsky. And he says, well, so what: brought, looked, nothing's broken, everything is fine, and do not listen. As the mother of all experiences! I told him that he had a little rest, at least for a couple of days went fishing, it would be better. But he wouldn't listen".It's no secret that Lyudmila Alexandrovna and her husband had dreamed about the girl. Because the couple already had two sons - Robert and Vladimir (he tragically died in 1980). But fate decreed that the family was born the third son."They brought me to the hospital at night at 12 o'clock (where he worked as a gynecologist friend of mine), and about eight in the morning has born," said the mother of Alexander Abdulov. - I must say that I really wanted a girl. I had already two sons, and one does not want. At the time abortions were banned, I even went on the Commission, but I was not allowed to have an abortion. Already said they want the girl, you girl. And persuaded her to give birth. And my husband began to prepare for the birth of his daughter: he prepared a dowry - all pink. After the birth, when I was resting in the ward, the doctor comes up to me, carrying a little parcel with a child. And asks: "do not want to Share? There's a girl". I'm at a loss. She continues, saying that there is one very nice family, they want a boy, and had a third girl. I answer that I can decide without consulting the husband. The doctor took the child - so pretty girl, pretty face. The next day a man comes to the window, I told him everything and told. He said to me: "don't improvise! You! You can't do that!".

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