Drunk Zemfira almost puked from vocals Malikova

Drunk Zemfira almost puked from vocals MalikovaLoud the birthday of a famous businessman and patron of Shabtai Kalmanovich was spoiled by his favorite singer Zemfira. "The girl-scandal" did not hesitate to someone else's celebration to show itself in all its glory.During his speech Dmitry Malikov Alivar strongly demonstrated his distaste for the singer and gestures showed how nauseous.To congratulate the H. Shabtai 60th birthday came many artists, politicians and public figures. The birthday boy made sure that every guest could relax and unwind. Tables Laden with gourmet treats and the most expensive drinks. Took advantage of Zemfira, who came into the restaurant with a close friend Renata Litvinova. Rock diva immediately reached out to brandy and at the moment of its appearance on the stage was already good.ScandalBefore you congratulate each other on the stage, Zemfira order battered nerves to some guests, including the birthday boy. Her ruffled appearance on the stage Dmitry Malikov. She didn't even try to hide his relationship to the singer.- How did he annoys me, is showing obscene gestures, Frank, "the girl-scandal". - God, you can sing? He disgusts me.But words alone will not get along. Alivar turned towards Malikova and, putting two fingers to his mouth, feigned retching. Further - more, the restless Ramazanova ran to the Shabtai the H. and some of our guests and began to demand that Malikov was asked to leave the stage.What only epithets did not use Zemfira, but did not achieve - Dmitri sang all the songs that have planned.Many expected that such unrestrained hostility of the singer and will result in a host of the evening Nikolai Baskov. But then there were all the exact opposite. Zemfira, which has a lot of barbs in the address of the "Golden voice", suddenly changed their attitude toward him.- Performance Zemfira is a unique case, is represented Ramazanova guests Nicholas. It only happens at Roman Abramovich and the Shabtai Kalmanovich..."Well I would have to Baskov sing, he stunned the crowd gathered the singer.FunBasque set the tone for the General merriment. His quick wit and subtle humor made guests laugh heartily.- Kolya - my very good friend, " said the hero of the occasion. - I'm willing to give him any help and support, however, he asks for nothing...Amused guests and Alexander Buinov. He came on the scene with the remnants of the cake on the fly. However, as he managed to get dirty so that the singer did not understand. He didn't notice until I was on stage."Oh, Sasha, you have a very spicy kind of played a joke on a colleague Basque.Alexander got a little embarrassed and tried to get rid of stains.SEX-dancing MalakhovOn the 60th anniversary of the philanthropist and renowned businessman Shabtai Kalmanovich Andrey Malakhov has dispersed outright. He gave a cheeky-sexy dancing with a 69-year-old owner of the capital's boutique Larissa.What he long has a weakness for ladies older than him, already for anybody not a secret. But this adult friend surrounded by TV presenter was not yet.Andrew and Larissa, heard rousing songs of the Israeli team, specially invited to the birthday celebration of H. Shabtai, could not sit still and went to the dance floor. For some couple of minutes Malakhov managed to get a woman, and she could not stop. Larissa, forgetting about all the rules of etiquette, discarded his expensive shoes on the platform and began to dance barefoot.DancingSeeing Andrew deftly falls on her knees in front of a dancing woman, not stay in place and Klara Novikova.Known umoristi by drinking for bravery with a glass of cognac, also began to dance. However, Andrew never went, because Larissa, seeing on the horizon a potential competitor, did everything that the young gentleman did not escape her. She just handed him my shoes, which Malakhov later began waving over his head.As found "Your DAY", with a charming lady in leopard dress color Larisa Andrei met a few years ago in Jurmala on one of the secular parties.We then rested very fun, - admitted to us broadcaster.The woman is in complete awe of Malakhov.- Malakhov is a very good guy, " says Larissa. "He's smart, and good-looking. In short, I got the pleasure of the evening. Source: Drunk Zemfira almost puked from vocals Malikova.

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