Apina splurged on white `Mercedes`

Apina splurged on white `Mercedes`The other day a well-known producer, husband of Katya LEL Alexander Aratov forked over fifty dollars. To celebrate the triumph decided in the noisy company in the heart of Moscow."I'm not ready to celebrate his birthday in a quiet family circle," said the celebrant. - I love to drink, and my wife and I prefer to have fun in the company of friends".However, in recognition of the birthday boy, he first ventured into the festivities with mnogofotonnoi crowd of friends, writes Moskovsky Komsomolets.- Absolutely horrible to mention going, " laughs Aratov. - You know, in 50 years you want to drink not only with people but also with those who you really are near and dear. Such plucked me as much as 250 people. We chose the restaurant in the center of Moscow. What to gift, for me they are good because it is a thing that you yourself would never buy. For example, I know two of my friends I'm going to give Golden phone. Well, except I would such ever bought?The first who presented a gift Iacovou, was, of course, the wife. On the anniversary of her husband Alain Apina decided to fulfill his longtime dream. A couple of days before leaving on tour - just before the anniversary of Alexander singer handed the beloved wife of the keys... luxurious white Mercedes.When I saw him, was speechless! Just a dream! - says Alexander. Source: APIN splurged on white "Mercedes"".

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