Shirvindt couldn't refuse `Twist of fate`

Shirvindt couldn't refuse `Twist of fate`Alexander Shirvindt has become one of those artists who played in the famous "Twist of fate" and then agreed to participate in a new film on the same subject.In a recent interview the actor said that he initially refused to star in the sequel of the "Irony of fate".Refused and almost all the other actors, which eventually appeared in the new film by Timur Bekmambetov "Irony of fate. The sequel". However, the filmmakers still managed to find a way to almost all. And only Leah Akhedzhakova was left out of the story and her character in the story emigrated to Israel."You talking about the film to lie or to tell the truth?" "asked Alexander Shirvindt during an interview to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta"."She's not ugly, - continued the story actor. - When I got a call from Konstantin Lvovich Ernst, with whom I pot know about the continuation of the movie, I turned to the Eldar Aleksandrovich Ryazanov is really my closest friend. Eldar said, I have nothing to do with this do not have. I refused, but then he called Konstantin Lvovich: "But Eldar knows everything..." I back to the Eldar. He explained: "I have nothing, but I gave them permission". Read: sold a resolution that the film will be shot without him, please work...".

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