Rotaru insulted Kirkorov deeply

Rotaru insulted Kirkorov deeplyThe cause of the quarrel between the two artists, who always treated each other with mutual respect, was the gift of Philip on the 60th anniversary of Sofia Mikhailovna.The celebrant stands that presented them expensive jewelry is not new, but it someone wore before her. Philip, in the sincerity of feelings which Rotaru no doubt, have been hurt deeply.Delighted at the invitation to the celebration on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of one of the most beloved singers Filipp Kirkorov few days I have spent searching for a suitable present for her. Realizing that she has become the owner of exclusive presentations, Kirkorov during one of his overseas trips purchased for her antique necklace. After ascertaining that it exists in a single instance, satisfied the singer laid out for him a round sum.ResentmentAt the anniversary party in Crimea, the singer handed the birthday girl decoration. Then he tactfully left from the answer to the question about the gift.- I'm not going to tell you that I gave Sofia Mikhailovna, smiling, explained the singer at the entrance to Livadia Palace. "As you'll see when she wears it.Then the king of the pop scene didn't know that he hurried to the event, because Rotaru is in no hurry to put on a necklace Kirkorov. She was confident that Philip gave her already worn decoration. And my doubts she shared with loved ones.- I know that necklace someone is wearing, she said the singer was surrounded by. And I am very sad that this gift was made by Philip.Such suspicions touched Kirkorov for a living. When he learned about it, holding on to your favorite Sofia Mikhailovna offense. And I could not resist and told about it on air of the radio station. However, the name singer Philip politely kept silent, knowing that Rotaru his statements will not like.That will make resourceful singer to convince the artist is unknown, but while relations between the two superstars strained. Source: Rotaru insulted Kirkorov deeply.

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