A mysterious stranger annually visit the grave of Edgar Allan PoE

A mysterious stranger annually visit the grave of Edgar Allan PoEA mysterious stranger brought on the grave of writer Edgar Allan PoE three roses and an opened bottle of ridge.These items have a sort of "annual tribute", which for the past two generations, lays a mysterious family of admirers of talent of the writer.A mysterious visit to the cemetery lone stranger turned into a kind of ritual, dedicated to the day of birth Is January 19, reports the Associated Press. On this day, nearly 150 people gathered near the cemetery Westminster Presbyterian Church at the 59th time to observe the mysterious appearance of an anonymous fan.Such a large crowd gathers for the first time. In 2007, the onlookers were almost three times less. According to the Director of House-Museum of writer Jeff Jerome, the visitor chose not to leave notes for the curious, who want to learn the history of this offering and the identity of who's behind this.Characteristically, the story of a secret admirer is so overgrown with rumors that it's getting very hard to set the time and the cause of this tradition. Some even ready to claim the founder of the Lavra of this action.Thus, former Church historian Sam Porpora, who once fought for the preservation of the cemetery, says that the tradition originated with the filing in 1970-ies. Thus Porpora allegedly tried to attract public attention to the monument of history.However Porpora Jerome argues that the tributes began no later than 1949, because after a year in the Baltimore newspaper, The Evening Sun was placed the note on the annual visit to the grave and leave it in the same empty bottle of brandy.Every year Jerome invites fans of the writer, to witness the arrival of a stranger, but he doesn't like publicity.Sometimes happen and excesses. So, in 2006, a bunch of onlookers had almost stopped a stranger in the plan. Then supposedly one of the spectators dressed in the same clothes in which there is a mysterious admirer. Now Jerome is trying to be cautious, not giving outsiders the secrets of a stranger.According to Jerome, annoying spectators often bother and the superintendent, writes AP. He would no longer describe the visitor and his clothes idle onlookers, as it was last year, since then one of the spectators decided to dress exactly the same. Himself Jerome watches the sacrament of visiting the grave of Edgar Allan PoE 19 January 1976.As noted by the Director of the Museum of Edgar Allan PoE, the appearance of a stranger in the last year has changed: he now wears a wide-brimmed hat and scarf. However, it was still the same person, and in recent years, added Jerome.The curator of the Museum explained that he learns the stranger on the physique and gait.In 1993, the mysterious visitor left a note: "the Torch will pass to another." Later there was another note by reporting that the founder of their tradition died in 1998, instructing two of his sons to observe the ritual.Edgar Allan PoE died October 7, 1849 in Baltimore at age 40 after at the tavern he suffered a stroke. In 1996, an employee of the medical center of the University of Maryland Michael Benitez expressed the view that the writer didn't die from binge or alcohol poisoning, as was previously thought, and rabies. As noted by the researcher in his article, published in the journal of the Maryland Medical Journal, all the symptoms of the last days of life On suggests that the cause of death was a bite of a rabid animal.Edgar Allan PoE is the author of poems (e.g., "the Raven") and scary stories such as "the tell-tale Heart".In 2009 comes the 200th anniversary of the birth of the writer. Source: Mysterious stranger annually visit the grave of Edgar Allan PoE.

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