Natalie Portman has decided to change roles

Natalie Portman has decided to change rolesAmerican actress Natalie Portman has signed a two-year contract with Participant Prods. Portman will become a Director of the new film A Tale of Love and Darkness ("a tale of love and darkness"), which will be her directorial debut.In the scenario of the tape lay a memoir by Israeli novelist Amos oz, says Variety.Company Participant Prods produced such films as "Syriana" and "good night and good luck" and a documentary of al Gore's "an Inconvenient truth". "We all share the desire to create a serious and high-quality movie that raises issues of public resonance, and also helps to solve global problems," said Portman.Producer Ricky Strauss, who worked on the film "an Inconvenient truth", said the actress is interested in projects that can not only entertain, but also to help". He said: "Her position is a position not only of the artist, but also a human rights activist. We understand very well each other, and it is very nice".Soon to cinemas will be released a few films with Natalie Portman: "Mr. magorium's wonder Emporium", "Another kind Boleyn" and "My blueberry nights". In addition to acting career, Portman leads an active public life, acting Ambassador of hope organization Finca international Foundation dedicated to the support of small business. Source: Natalie Portman has decided to change roles.

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