Brad Renfro was found dead in his room

Brad Renfro was found dead in his roomThe young actor brad Renfro, who became famous even in his childhood thanks to his role in the movie "the Client" by John Grisham and is known for his work with keira Knightley in the movie "Cover" (Jacket), died Tuesday in Los Angeles.His lifeless body was found by a roommate.Brad Renfro was only 25 years old. The cause of death of young actor is not yet established.Visible damage or traces of violent death on a body of the guy is not detected, writes US Weekly. Now on this fact the investigation is underway.Perhaps the death of brad it is associated with an addiction to drugs. In December 2006 after the actor was accused of trying to buy heroin. And in July last year, brad, who was given a suspended sentence, was caught on what has not complied with the court orders. Renfroe had to undergo special treatment, but has not done so.Brad Renfro cannot be called a very successful artist, but in his youth he showed great promise. In 1995 Renfroe received the award edition of the Hollywood Reporter in category "Young star".One of the last works of brad in the movie was the role in the 2005 film "the Case" (Jacket). Partner Renfroe in the film became a popular actress, star of "pirates of the Caribbean" keira Knightley.Generally the fate of artists who in childhood received the fame and recognition, very often tragically. The star of the films "home Alone" Macaulay Culkin have been accused of drug possession, actress Lindsay Lohan is also abuse alcohol and illicit drugs, the singer Britney Spears seems to be completely lost touch with reality and because of their addictions risks losing the right to raise their children. Source: brad Renfro was found dead in his room.

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