Saltykov froze the audience with their songs

Saltykov froze the audience with their songsThe last visit to Tula Irina Saltykova complained to reporters that very rarely happens in my home city of Novomoskovsk.Supposedly very offended by the local administration, which has never invited the star on the Day of the city as an honored guest. And finally, Irina desire come true. She was invited to sing at a concert in my hometown. But instead of a joyful reunion with his family in some places, Irina was extremely irritated and even yelled at the sound engineer on stage, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".- Turn down the music, and my MIC louder, " said the singer.Even Novomoskovsky took a celebrity quite cold. Was not enthusiastic shouts and applause. Perhaps due to the fact that Saltykov was late for 40 minutes, and people were able to thoroughly freeze. Or maybe because the singer for many years did not come to my home Novomoskovsk. Irina firmly decided not to notice a cool reception.- Friends, today you all is forgiven! said the star.Frankly after working on the stage for almost an hour, Irina hurried into the building of the local administration.- Haven't been in Novomoskovsk?- For a long time and it is minus administration (laughing - Ed. ed.) - again complained to the singer. - Although I'm with the local authorities on good terms. I would like to Novomoskovsk has evolved to the level of Moscow, but perhaps in the near future is unlikely to succeed.- You look great. How do you manage? Maybe impending marriage inspires you so?- It's not that. Most importantly - a good mood. And about marriage you will learn later. I hope in the next year.- Your partner is connected to show business?Absolutely nothing at all. Smile singer hurried inside the building, where she, apparently, was waiting for the Banquet. It's not every day a celebrity is on their homeland. Source: Saltykov froze the audience with their songs.

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